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SWOT Analysis of Self I would like to complete my business doctoral studies in Walden in the next two years. Reflecting on my individual life, I realize a terrific deal of personality inbuilt in me. This will aid in my endeavor with the business faculty about graduate study and the entire of Walden University programs. I am pursuing a Doctoral degree in business studies, and my set goal is to become a whole person after completing my studies. My holistic nature is not only in academics but also in my personality. My Strengths I am an outgoing person therefore, lacking the fright to converse with people that I have never come across or known.

I am confident that it is extremely helpful character because conversation and knowing each other is an imperative aspect in the business perspective. I have a significant working ethic and ability to do any job under pressure and strict deadlines. I have considered myself as being optimistic and have always looked at the best side of life even in the worst of situations. This is what has prompted me to be who I am today. Weaknesses One of my awful characteristics is intolerance.

Typically, people articulate that I am a pleasant individual or possess amiable traits. However, in the instance things do not go in the manner I want or acknowledge I turn out to be impatient. This impatient prompts me do things I lament after I pacify. I get worried so much when someone submits his work after the proposed time. I never expose anger to people, but I am confident that I will be pissed off later. Opportunities Globalization of world business is presently getting extra imperative.

Therefore, companies desire to hire individuals who could speak fluently and are outgoing. Experience is also noteworthy nowadays. Therefore, it as well denotes that it would be advantageous to me to triumph in business and also in the future due to my experience and level of education attained. The boom after depression is also a capitalizing feature. Being in a planet with a global economical bang following depression, especially in this country businessmen will benefit. Following the International Monetary Fund (IMF) upset, as well recognized as Foreign exchange upset, this country has economically recuperated from the situation.

This nation is constructing numerous companies and firms abroad, so a desire for highly skilled people as principals to handle the commerce overseas is significant (Böhm, 2009). Consequently, possessing numerous degree and understanding of the global business perspective, could impose me as being among the leaders having a well-known cultural disparity, global trade crisis, and human resources. My threats I usually have difficulty in job hunting expertise. I may have numerous qualifications but fail to get well paying and excellent jobs.

This is due to my indecisiveness to pursue and partake regarding my professional career. This gives my competitors a greater edge, as opposed to me. Moreover, firms are not employing people with from their main degree or area of skills. There is restricted professional progress in the business meadow; as a consequence, it is tough to continue being marketable (Griffin, 2012). My indecisiveness and impatience would lead me to losing or even never finding an appropriate job after completing my studies. This could also affect me in matters of which course of action to take in Walden University regarding study programs and relation with lecturers in case of low grades.

Even though, I have weaknesses, I endeavor to turn them around into strengths. References Böhm, A. (2009). The SWOT Analysis. München: GRIN Verlag. Griffin, R. W. (2012). Fundamentals of Management. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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