Essays on SWOT Analysis of Emirates Airline Case Study

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The paper "SWOT Analysis of Emirates Airline" is a perfect example of a business case study. Emirates Airlines has been building on delivering high-quality services, coming up with an operational and service approach of a sincerely global provider and with exclusive pride as one of the youngest in the airline industry with an advanced fleet that is loyal clients worldwide (Temporal, 2012). Today, emirates airline boast of more than 30 million passengers per year and flies 120 destinations in 78 countries with a fleet of 190 aircraft. The airline is currently the world’ s largest operator of Boeing A380 and Boeing 777 (emirates. com, 2013) The purpose of this report is to analyze the SWOT matrix in relation to emirates airline to get a clear picture of where the company should be in the next 10 years in terms of growth boosted by innovation trends in the company.

This will be done under the appropriate sub-headings. 2.0 SWOT analysis Strengths Emirates Airlines has dedicated a lot of resources and emphasis on quality control as its core strategy to beat the competition. From the creation and maintenance of the airline fleet, to keep attention on the treatment of the customers in all aspects of the business, all things are done with the application of high standards (El Namaki, 2007) Emirates has been sponsoring sports events and clubs like Arsenal football club in the English Premier League.

The company considers sponsorship as a crucial marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness and position the company as a global brand in its strategy to penetrate the global market (Emirates. com, 2013). Even though the company is operating in a region known for terrorism activities, it has a comprehensive approach to tackle the problem through a well-developed policy to address the issue (Butler, 77).

Emirates controls up to a total of 42% of the Asia-pacific aviation market meaning it is firmly positioned to compete in the market. They provide in-flight entertainment facilities which include email services for clients, text news and won several awards from the entertainment association (Butler, 77).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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