Essays on SWOT in Personal Life - Handling My Weaknesses and Threats Essay

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The paper “ SWOT in Personal Life - Handling My Weaknesses and Threats" is a brilliant variant of an essay on management. SWOT analysis is key to strategic planning and it is used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a business, a project and even individuals. It is subject to identification of the internal factors and the internal factors that work to favor or against the set objectives. This is a technique that was advanced by Albert Humphrey after a survey of the fortune 500 companies.

A SWOT analysis can only be done after defining the end of state our objectives. This has been done to observe the viability of strategic planning models. When it is used in the business field, it can help you design a sustainable environment in the market. However, when applied in a personal context, it can be to mean developing a career in a way that suits your advantage according to your talents. Swot analysis can be used as an ice breaker in strategic planning. It enables you to identify the internal factors, which are the strength and the weaknesses of the business, and also the external factors which are the threats and opportunities that you are likely to encounter. StrengthsStrengths look at the advantages threat both you and the company would likely be possessing that can be capitalized for the advantage of both you and the business.

It also ensures that you easily understand your perfected areas that other people do not understand and how that can be a window of opportunity against the competition. This will not matter whether they are high-cost resources or high-cost resources so long as they all lead to a successful business establishment.

It can be better if a personalized survey can be conducted to find out how many people can be able to give you your own strengths. After the research finding has been obtained, one is now justified to explain clearly without bias that he has a listed number of admissible strengths that can work best for him. SWOT has been the key element in the design of the unique selling proposition. This will work well for both an individual business venture and the public policies.

All this should be realistic; they can be done and fulfilled. WeaknessesWeaknesses on the other end help to tell what one can be able to improve from the weak point of view to strength. Special precautions should be focussed on what to avoid people actually seeing them as weaknesses to your business. The people will also be able to tell you what exactly makes your business lose sales. When this is approached from an internal and external perspective, it makes the weaknesses be very clear to you especially those that are able to identify by other people.

All this need to judge from a clear point of view with honesty and sincerity. It is again that time that one has to face the truth and these calls for being realistic whether for a business proposal or swot for a business venture. This is the other internal factor that serves you good.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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