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Topic synopsis Topic synopsis Part Briefly outline of Tower Hamlets I am a member of the Youth Offender Panel at TowerHamlets. The organization’s responsibilities entail meeting with offenders and victims with the aim of having them have face to face encounters (Boukerma, 2014). With its official introduction in 2002 by the Youth and Criminal Evidence Act 1999, the panel aims at ensuring that the offenders and the community panel members act in neutrality between the offenders. This takes place after meetings have been held to discuss the offence then solutions to the problems are decided on.

The organization is also responsible for drawing a contract that addresses the issues between the offenders, which may lead to court action upon failure to comply with the contract details (Muncie, 2010). As argued by Newburn (2007) the panel borrows a lot from various sources before designing the final contract. My role within the organization is to discuss the incidents that involve the young persons. Additionally, I am charged with the role of deciding whether a young person is guilty, and whether their offence warrants them to be sent back to court for breaching the contract.

I also have the responsibility of providing background information and advice to the other panel members so as the best decision can be arrived at. Part 2: Training and Recruitment of staff policy and setting procedures guideline The policy of training and recruitment is vital for Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets Youth Offending Team is extremely disorganized in regard to planning, arranging, training and monitoring (Boukerma, 2014). The same case applies in relation to cultivating a positive relationship with multi-agencies.

In light to this argument, therefore, training would prove useful as well as recruiting new members of staff with these skills. Additionally, quality service provision could be enhanced and improved within Tower Hamlets YOTs by adding satisfactory and effectual practice. However, the policy cannot be implemented without following a set of procedures. In the case of Tower Hamlets YOTs, it is important that the team ensures that there is utmost confidentiality among the stakeholders- the young individuals as well as their parents/guardians. This confidentiality may be cultivated among the team members by emphasizing that any form of information discussed in the team’s meetings is not leaked to other people.

It is clear that the information may be too personal such as violence in the homes, imprisonment of one’s spouse, death of a loved one amongst others. Ensuring that confidentiality exists is vital as the young persons will feel comfortable sharing their information with the team members. Additionally, the policy will also be successful if the staff members explain the procedures to the young persons especially prior to their signing their contracts.

The staff members may explain the contract details in the panel meetings. The young persons must be well conversant with the process and procedures when stating their referral orders (Referral orders 2013). This is also required by Ministry of Justice (2012) requirement of the referral order. In regard to the recruitment process, which is vital for this policy, the team members need to go through the CBR check. This involves commitment from the side of the volunteer who needs to sign a 12 months contract with the organization.

Part3- Issues around that Training and Recruitment of staff policy and impact on the organization  Various issues surround the training and recruitment policy. Among these issues include funding issues. The youth team does not have the required funds to develop projects that will confront the young people’s behaviours through highlighting to them the cons of crimes (Boukerma, 2014). The budgetary cuts from the government have had huge impacts on Tower Hamlets as we receive 30% less as compared to other organizations. Inadequate staffing levels is also an issue (Boukerma, 2014).

This has translated to fewer employees with the same volume of work as before; thus, inefficiency. In terms of training, the staff can generally be said to have minimal skills and expertise in regard to the strategies and practices of the organization. The services provided by the team members are, therefore, poor and can only be improved through training. Since the staff involves volunteers, the YOT does not adhere to National Standards at all times. Poor quarterly returns and figures are then reflected. Poor communication in Tower Hamlets is not alien.

In terms of information sharing, the team only shares electronic information through mail; thus, confidentiality cannot be ensured (Boukerma, 2014). At times, this leads to miscommunication as some documents are at times misplaced. The team also does not have effectual communication with the agencies. It is, therefore, difficult to improve the services it offers. Conflict also arises from the miscommunication and the inefficient systems in the organization. The trained volunteers being in retention is also an issue. They sign agreements to work at least 12 months, but most leave earlier after securing full-time employment or shifting to other areas (Boukerma, 2014).

The few volunteers are unreliable as they offer free services; thus, unsatisfactory work. Delivering complex information relating to justice and legal matters along with the social work side is also tasking (Boukerma, 2014). Other issues include staff trainer time being inadequate as well as unrealistic expectation from volunteers on the side of social workers and other qualified staff (Boukerma, 2014) Part4- Issue redress For the above issues to dealt with effectively and efficiently it is important that I talk to referral order coordinator.

I will request this coordinator to communicate with the YOT manager on how to minimise the issues so as to implement the training and recruitment policy. Additionally, I would recommend that the members of staff go through a process of change so as they can comprehend the need to have overall change in the organization. This I will do through explaining to the members that they are crucial members of the organization and that their contribution is equally important.

I will suggest that they go through self evaluation that will help them understand the concepts they need to change about themselves. I will also look at past documents and past recommendations that worked for youth groups with similar issues. The contracts also need to be fixed strictly and followed so that the volunteers can feel obligated to work for the organization for the specified period of time. The meetings should also be made compulsory as it is through these meetings that the new policies of the organization can be communicated to all members of the organization.

Proper communication channels should also be created so as to avoid mishandling of information by the members. Funding is also useful for any organization to run successfully. I will recommend to the manager to seek ways of looking for more funds to run the organisation’s activities as Crawford (1997) recommends. With funds present, the team members will also feel motivated to run the organization’s programs to the end. The organization will also improve its systems such as communication channels as well as improve the resource allocation that will be useful to the young members.

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