Essays on The Complexity of a Disaster, the Cause-and-Effect of Such Disaster in Our Lives Essay

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The paper "The Complexity of a Disaster, the Cause-and-Effect of Such Disaster in Our Lives" is a perfect example of a management essay.   The term disaster is complex and although it has no universal definition, it is being used whenever a certain event resulted in significant loss of life and property. Deconstruction of a certain destructive event such as a disaster can give us a better understanding of its complexities, the cause-and-effect, the impact it has on our society, learn lessons that can guide us in the future. The following section discusses the complexity of a disaster, the cause-and-effect of such disaster in our lives, previous disasters and their root causes, and lessons learned after deconstructing the various events. COMPLEXITY OF DISASTER In reality, every human being has the right to propose a definition of disaster but finding a credible definition or meaning of the word disaster can be a complex task since one should also find consensus with other definitions.

According to Perry et al. (2007, p. 3), there is no single definition that can be generally useful and acknowledged. Basically, some people identify ‘ disaster’ as an occurrence of something devastating to people but it also means many things to many people.

In the early days, disaster was being defined as a phenomenon associated with any event that generates considerably negatives consequences (Carr 1993 in Perry 2007, p. 4). In Challen (2004, p. 4), disaster is the destruction of the natural world and communities that are caused by nature or human actions. According to Quarantelli (1998, p. 77), some interpretation of the word disaster is purely definitional where it seems to create and take in the object of interest.

Most interpretations of disaster, he added, subscribe to the view of hazards theory that disaster has a physical agent acting upon them. Similarly, some defined disaster as an event affecting the entire society or group of people (Fritz 1961 in Perry 2007, p. 6) that is a “ severe, relatively sudden, and frequently unexpected disruption” (Sjoberg 1962 in Perry 2007, p. 7).



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