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System Requirements SpecificationsIntroduction. E – commerce is presently the new frontier for nearly all business organizations around the world. The benefits of modern information technology with improvements in both speed of transfer of data and security of information has led many business to invest in ventures which make use of the internet as the medium of exchange of both goods and services similar to the traditional market. This development has been motivated by fairly predictable trends in technological advancement in internet computing, driven largely by well funded research institutions throughout the world. Historical background/Overview The trends in the development of computer hardware have all aimed at improving efficiency, speed, capacity while at the same time reducing the physical size of the hardware to user - convenient levels.

Gordon Moore one of the founders of Intel predicted in 1965 that the density of transistors on semi- conductors chips would double every eighteen months (Treese & Stewards, 2003, pg 432). The doubling of density meant a reduction in size and improvement in processor speed. The modern solid state chip technology has led to the emergence of miniature chips with extremely high speeds and capable of performing complex operations.

The same positive trends has been sustained in storage capacity, communications ability and portability all of which have led to improved internet ability and e- commerce or simply trading via internet. Notable internet shopping sites include eBay and iTunes. Purpose The purpose for this project is to highlight in detail all the resources and materials that would be required by Vampire Media in their quest to develop a truly online music store with all desirable features as envisaged by the founders or promoters of the company.

Online trade still faces certain challenges and inhibitions and there still exist opportunities for improvement to the services offered by existing online trading stores particularly with respect to products with digital content like music and videos. . This is the opportunity that Vampire Media limited wishes to exploit by developing an all user interactive, inter-operative open system that would change the extent and prevalence online music trade in the world. Three major stakeholders are identifiable at this point, namely: The Users-These are target clients who will make use of the proposed system to get interactive online access to download their favorite music and videos, make recommendations to their friends, it would allow real time charting and sharing of music contents, The System Developers and Operators-The proposed system will need the expertise of persons with advanced knowledge in computing and software development to put in place the relevant applications on which the system would run.

The proposed system would need to have a user friendly User Interface(UI) and also help management track sales inventory, staff and customer information data.

It should also have a real time reporting mechanism for specific relevant information that the management may be interested in at any particular time. Service Providers-These are the organizations that would supplement the operations of Vampire Media Ltd by providing services such as financial services, Shipping services and Insurance services. For example, card companies would be engaged to facilitate online funds transfer from card holders’ accounts to the account of Vampire Media. The proposed system would therefore require a link with the card company’s system.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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