Essays on Systems Thinking on Organizations Essay

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The paper "Systems Thinking in Organizations" is a perfect example of an essay on business. Systems thinking are a technique to an analysis that focuses on the manner in which the constituent parts of a system interrelate. In addition, how the systems function in the context of systems that are large (De Savigny & Adam, 2009). In an organization, a system consists of parts. Every part can have an effect on the way other parts do work. In addition, the manner in which all the parts work in uniform will decide how the system will operate.

The internal and external environments within which health systems function have become very complex and dynamic. Such dynamism and complexity lead to opportunities and problems and needs systems that are responsive to adapt to the changes. Systems thinking enables managers in the health system to conquer the helplessness felt when they meet problems that are complex. It offers them with the required tools to influence, analyze, and understand the performance of the systems they are struggling to develop (Kitson, 2009). On the other hand, systems thinking has various drawbacks.

In the health system, it is frequently observed that the dynamic and complex systems are very sensitive to commencing conditions. Therefore, the system is not likely to carry out the analysis, as it is required. The other drawback is that the systems thinking operates on the principle that one must have an idea of how the numerous components of the health care interact. In addition, one can only solve the shortcomings by looking into the relationship that exists between the elements. The problem is that most managers in healthcare assume they are aware of the relationship of which is not the case (Begun, Zimmerman & Dooley, 2003).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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