Essays on Strategic Management: Competitiveness & Globalization Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Management: Competitiveness & Globalization" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Operation management is described as the way different organizations produce their goods and services. The operations concept is one that is highly concern with organizing the various processes involved in getting things done in the correct way. To understand more about the concept, it is essential to first understand what operation is. The concept of operation is usually defined in terms of technology that employs, a mission that is known to serve an organization and managerial and human processes it involves.

An operation is considered to be that process that converts a set of resources or inputs into goods and services which are known to be the outputs. The importance of operational concept is that it involves the great responsibility of ensuring that all business operations are efficient whereby little resources is used in meeting all consumer requirements. The relevance of the operations concept is that it increases an organizational performance by managing all processes involved in inputs into outputs. Within any given organization, the operation can be categorized into both service and manufacturing operations (Meredith 2009). Evidently, there are various important areas of knowledge about the concept.

Here, the two important areas that will be discussed about the knowledge of concept are customer service and utilization of resources widely putting the focus on the objective of operation management. It is observable that customer service is an important area of knowledge within the operation concept. Operation concept enables organizations to provide goods and services specifications that will ensure that customers get satisfied both in terms of time and cost.

This fundamental objective can only be achieved by way of providing the customer with the right item at the right price not forgetting at the required time. Based on resource utilization, it is evident that it creates an important area within the operation concept. Customer service can only be effective if and only if there is the proper use of resources, the concept indicates that inefficient use of organizational resources or improper customer service leads to failure within operational systems.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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