Essays on Talent and Reward Management Assignment

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The paper "Talent and Reward Management" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.     Performance management is a process that is goal-oriented that is aimed at ensuring the organizational processes are working appropriately to maximize employee’ s productivity and that of the organization (Debrincat 12). Don’ s performance management techniques employed in the firm is a one-page form used annually to carry out the performance assessment. The form is applicable to all employees of Mercury regardless of their rank or areas of specialization. Don’ s instrument entails employee rating scores using specific questions that cover various areas, the rating uses 1 to 5 where 5 is the best or highest rating or score and 1 are the poorest or worst.

The aim of performance assessment standards is to accurately communicate the job expectations and to offer a benchmark that can be utilized by managers to evaluate the employees. Mercury Courier performance assessment tool is based on the human resources manager view on the achievements of the business adopting a simple assessment tool. In a highly competitive marketplace, Mercury Courier seeks competitive advantage by ensuring employees are motivated hence focusing towards the achievement of organizational goals through performance appraisals that identify performers and non-performers (Debrincat 31).

After the assessment, the company gives $5000 bonus annually to the best performers enhancing job enrichment as an incentive or motivation tool that promotes the commitment of the employees in performing they're various perform. This instrument, therefore, helps improve employee productivity greatly despite the few complaints from a few unsatisfied individuals. The performance instrument such as rating enables a simplistic and systematic process that evaluates individual employee work performance by scoring as well as their productivity against the established organizational goals or expected performance. Question 2 The instrument employed by Mercury Courier management for performance assessment of the employees has strengths because it is an easy and straightforward approach.

The method utilizes a rating questionnaire with questions that can easily be completed by the managers and supervisors without wasting so much time. The mode of assessment is thereafter used to establish the performers from non-performers and reward appropriately. Managers encounter issues at the workplace that demand solution and therefore they have to make efficient and effective decisions on performance assessment to overcome them (Dessler 18).

Performance and productivity management of employees may be complex especially during critical moments but bold decisions on performance must be made through the use of assessment tools that are not complicated and can deliver towards realizing some insight on what should be done. Indeed, the approach used by Mercury Courier manager to arrive at some performance assessment decisions determines the outcomes of the evaluation outcomes, reliability, accuracy, validity, and fairness. Most performance evaluation involves the use of various tools that may be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

The recognition of the organizational needs enables managers to focus on the conscious commitment to implement the most appropriate instruments and tools that deliver and give important feedback towards performance improvement (Torrington, Laura and Stephen 26). The instrument is also suitable in a highly dynamic work environment where managers have to make decisions without wasting time to build successful businesses that remain sustainable in the face of uncertainty and highly competitive markets. Therefore, performance assessment in its wider perspective may integrate various perspectives that enhance the credibility of the outcomes; however, choosing a less complicated tool like Don reduces wastage of resources and achieves some degree of evaluation that can be used as the basis of talent retention and reward in an organization.

The instrument focuses on simplicity and gaining an insight into the employee’ s collective performance regardless of the rank or line of duty.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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