Essays on Target Market Analysis on Potato Chips Assignment

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Profile of Julio and Nestar Company Target Marketing The following is a profile of Julio and Nestar, a fast growing company in Texas that manufactures and distributes potato chips for the greater Texas market. This product line boasts of a variety of potato chips manufactured above legal market requirements hence leading to the production and distribution of quality snacks for all markets. Part One: The Buyers Sex: Male /Female Age: 21 to 55 Marital Status: Single, Married, Divorced, Separated Religious affiliation Sexual Orientation: Straight, gay or Bi sexual Level of Education: Illiterate to post graduate Number of off springs: one and above Economic level: From middle to upper-class.

Blue or white collar Type of credit: From bad credit to approved credit Income Levels: $20, 000 and over Geographical Location: Texas State Psychological configuration: Fun loving, artistic, discriminating buying, fashion conscious, an eye for detail, choosy, upwardly mobile life style, wine enthusiasts, eclectic taste, lavish lifestyle Habits: Travel, patrons of performing arts, live shows and concerts, affordable entertainment, party hosting, movie screening, hiking. Work: Jobless, professional, retailer, business owner, middle man management, business executives, contractor, interior designer, event organizer. Number of Existing Buyers on Location Texas suburbs and high end neighborhoods in Collin County, Fort Bend County, Goliad County and Tarrant County population.

Home value of $95,000 and above. Part Two: Size of the Market The wide consumer range will range from 20, 000 to 50,000 people in the first year of operation with each subsequent year attracting additional 10,000 consumers. The mail list obtained through wholesale mail list firms. Target population is 25,700,000 people from all over Texas. Target group is all Texas adults who are of sound mind. Level of Competition Competition to be experienced is negligible.

This is because Texas is relatively virgin land with regard to this line of business. The other small companies offering the services we offer lack the technique, qualified man power and financial ability to conquer the market ad reach the target group. The two-pronged marketing strategy will be in use. This will be by way of retail outlets, supply to other retailers and use of the direct mail order catalogue. On line purchases will also be made available for consumers and free shipping and home deliveries will often be made. Works Cited Ambler, Tim.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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