Essays on Target Market for Royal Mail Hotel Case Study

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The paper "Target Market for Royal Mail Hotel" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The success of a service provider is largely dependent on the manner customer satisfaction can be ensured through the services. An organization being able to work on the 7P’ s of marketing which includes price, product, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence are able to bring a change in the style of working and ensure long term success of the business. This report aims at analyzing a restaurant from Australia named the Royal Mail Hotel.

This report will examine the manner in which the restaurant was able to deliver superior performance and match the requirements of 7P. This is followed by the analysis of the target market which will look at analyzing the target market for Royal Mail Hotel based on different parameters like age, gender, income, occupation, family life cycle, and other parameters. This report then focuses on conducting research based on a survey where 4 respondents based on the same target market are identified. The research looks at examining the manner in which 7P’ s of marketing holds an important aspect for a service provider.

This is followed by analyzing 4P’ s out of the 7P’ s for the same service provider which will tend to include People. Finally, the report will look to provide recommendations based on which Royal Mail Hotel can improve its services and will thereby be able to transform the entire process of carrying out activities. The overall strategy will thereby help to improve the process of working and will thereby ensure that better services can be provided to the customers. Information about the service provider Royal Mail Hotel is one of the pioneer hotels in Australia which tends to provide its customers with superior service associated with food and residence.

I had visited the Royal Mail Hotel and found the quality of service to be excelled. The hotel staffs were very polite and understood the needs and requirements of the customers. The dining area was excellent and the wines matched the dishes which were provided. Even the interiors and exteriors of the restaurant matched the price which was charged for the different services.

All categories of the room were well marinated and the hotel management ensured that all customers from the different segments which visited the hotel were satisfied. During my stay in the hotel, I experienced quality in service which thereby helped to ensure that I was more than satisfied when I finally left the hotel. The overall aspect of 7P’ s of marketing was well met as the hotel was able to ensure that customers were treated as their priority and special care and steps were taken to ensure that customers contended and satisfied.

I am very satisfied as the hotel was able to deliver on the different parameters and is a hotel which I would like to visit again because of quality in service and proper respect being given to the customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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