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The paper 'Looking at Design Thinking ' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The community health outreach program will provide information service to the old adults that will ensure that they have better health, and the prevalence of certain diseases is significantly reduced, such as diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis among other conditions affecting old adults. The service will entail the use of education and training of these conditions, and thus, provide a strong informational basis for the health aspects and conditions for the old adults of Brimbank city. In addition, it will promote their welfare by ensuring that their health needs are well taken care of.

As such, this program is mainly geared towards promoting better health for this demographic population, which in turn will diminish adverse health conditions once they are old. In addition, various informational services will be provided to ensure that this demographic gap comprehends the various health conditions, and provide them with an opportunity of managing them while still, they have time to do so. The counseling in this outreach program will ensure that the old adults are given professional advice on the various health factors, and thus, ensure that the population is not predisposed to health conditions and diseases without their knowledge.

It will also offer them the best counsel pertaining to managing, mitigating, and treating these conditions.             2. Design Thinking   As already mention in F1, design thinking incorporates seven distinct steps, which are, defining, and researching, ideating, prototyping, choosing, implementing, and learning about the problem. According to a diabetic patient aged 41, who I happened to meet at the Sunshine Hospital, the city needs another hospital as there is always an influx of people in the few hospitals that are available.

Old adults are not provided with an opportunity to know their health status, and usually, in any case, that an individual needs check-up, the cost is usually high. As such, the old lady, whose name remains anonymous for confidentiality, pointed out that there is a need for a specialized community hospital that solely deals with the aging population. As pointed out by the patient, this would is convenient for most of the people, and thus, it would be helpful in ensuring that the old adults receive the care they deserve.

As per the patient, most of the aging population, especially the old population in the city are increasingly pushing for availability of a service that will solely deal with the health conditions of the old adults. Also, there are inadequate facilities that are solely designed for the diagnosis of the various ailments for the aging population, and thus, most of the diagnoses are carried late after the illness has become significantly serious. Also, counseling is an inadequate commodity for the aging population in the city, and thus, patients may lack enough counseling and advice on how to effectively and efficiently deal with the various conditions.

Also, the city lacks recreational centers that are purely designed for the aging population. As such, the patient pointed out that this not only predisposes them to poor health, lack of exercise may also increase boredom. In addition, there is a lack of training and education services in the city. All these, as the patient pointed out, needed fixing in the near future so that the health of old adults is not compromised. As such, this project will be beneficial for the demographic addressed in this project.

In essence, better health services will ensure that various illnesses are identified and managed early enough before they get serious. Early mitigation is important as it saves the cost of the patient. The aging population requires convenient healthcare, and the right technology for diagnosing the patients is paramount towards early detection of the various conditions. Besides, in medicine, as Carter et al.

(2013) assert, early detection will ensure proper management of a condition, such as cancer, which in turn facilitates early treatment before the onset of severe symptoms, which might be costly to manage or impossible at a later time. 3. Reflect on the story that you have developed and consider what the main Product is that you believe meets this response or will be an outcome from this response.   Product description in project management entails structurally presenting the information about the project’ s product in a systematic manner, and according to the PRINCE2 project management methodology, various structures are used.

For example, purpose, format, composition, derivation, quality criteria, title, identifier, quality tolerances, and quality responsibilities among other factors. However, in this section, only the format, composition, and purpose will be discussed (Alchimowic and Nawrocki, 2014). PURPOSE: The intended purpose of the project is to provide healthcare services for the aging population in Brimbank City. In essence, this is the demographic group that falls within the age bracket of 35 to 49. Ideally, the project's objective is to build a community health outreach service that will provide health services for the aging population in the city council.

These services within the facility will entail training and education, welfare, informational, counseling, and recreational services. COMPOSITION: The outreach service will mainly be composed of health, recreational, welfare, informational, counseling, and recreational, training, and education services. Ideally, the demographic gap addressed will learn how to exercise through the recreational service, promote their welfare, gain insight about the various aging illnesses and conditions, get trained, and educated on how to handle first aid among other initial therapies. FORMAT: The product description will take this format: identifier, title, purpose, composition, source of the products, skills required, customer quality expectations, acceptance criteria, tolerances, acceptance method, acceptance responsibility (Bentley, 2015).  


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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