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The paper "Management System for Pitstop Pty Ltd " is a great example of a management case study.   Pitstop Pty Ltd is a company is a single service station at present. The company aims at expanding the organization from being an individual to a nine service station given the funds that the management led by Jim Murphy has secured. The aim of the projects the growth of the company to rise from being one service station to 30 in the future. The WHS is important to workers and the overall organization (Marks et al 2013). Pitstop Pty Company deals with pump stations, retail shop, a food bar, and a stock room.

The operations of the Pitstop Pty Ltd run for 24 hours. The company anticipates a problem in management as it seeks to expand, making the leaders inquire for a reliable and enhancing system to manage the health and safety of the workers. The purpose of the WHS Management System The WHS Management System aims at improving the status of the Pitstop Pty Ltd with regards to the proper health of workers and desirability of the company’ s working condition.

The working conditions in any given organization can affect its performance both regarding resources and productivity. The WHS Management System Policy Commitment, Statement and the actualizing of Policy facilitate the direction that Pitstop Pty Ltd to follow in the quest for improved and enhance working conditions. The commitments are:   Commitment is Statement The Pitstop Pty Company has a commitment to enhancing a work environment which enables employees to execute their duties done in non-hazardous conditions; it involves rational and realistic ways to end or reduce risks proper and non-hazardous working situation together with the right conditions of workers (Archer 2015).   The Policy Commitment’ s Implementation The commitment of the company to ensuring the health and security of its employees are not at risk.

Such commitments are achievable through: Educating the employees so that they can deliver without injuries that necessitate injuries. They maintain appropriate information and reporting. Such measures involve posting the management comments and report for employees to on a public notice board. Workers should entitle to a scheduled meeting with works when there is an agenda; this will reduce autocracies that lead to a poor relationship with the management. Assessment Task 2 Portfolio of WSH Plan and Implementation for Pitstop Pty In the document, below is the process for establishing, implementing and maintaining the Pitstop Pty Ltd’ s WHS Plan. Definitions Senior executives Overall and Station managers Objective General WHS hazard administration objective, quantifiable where practical, got from Pitstop Pty Ltd WHS management system policy Target A detailed performance requirement, quantified where possible, that emerges from the WHS and damage administration destination, and that should be met to accomplish those objectives. Performance indicator A qualitative or quantitative indicator of how actually a process is operating against targets. WHS Unit An administrative unit of the Pitstop Pty Ltd facilitates and manipulates the worker’ s health and safety management system, injury management and rehabilitation.   Responsibilities Resources Time Overall Managers The administration/managers staffs as officers are in charge of guaranteeing that follows any obligation or commitment under the WHS Act.

The act gets accomplished by these officers practising due persistence, which implies they ought to: Acquire and stay up with the latest learning of work wellbeing and security matters. Ensure that data in regards to occurrences, perils and dangers are get considered and reacted to on time. Guarantee that fitting resources and systems are given to engage dangers to get recognized and dangers to be dispensed with or minimized Funds for supporting the meeting 1 month Station managers Managers are responsible for ensuring that Pitstop Pty Company’ s WHS policies and procedures get to realize in the work environment and/or frameworks of work under their control.

As a fundamental piece of their regular obligations, the Station Manager will: Consult with their specialists on measures to ensure their fitness and security Ensure that all workers get educated of this strategy Actively take after concurred security practices and model inspirational mentalities promoting betterment and measuring environmental concerns. Funds for supporting the meeting Funds to buy services from experts to educate them on changing WHS legislations so as to initiate change when needed 2 months Workers The representatives must take practical consideration of their well-being and security while they are grinding away, and take practical consideration that their demonstrations or exclusions do not unfavorably influence the betterment and safety of different people.

They should go along, so far as they are sensibly capable, with any practical guideline given by the Station Manager, and also co-working with any practical Pitstop Pty Company's method which identifies with work environment wellbeing and security.

This include: The extent of the worker’ s control or influence over operating conditions and practices, take reasonable care to work safely Make legitimate utilization of every proper shield, wellbeing gadgets, and specific defensive hardware. Follow confirmed on safe working practices and standards Report every single referred to peril, mishaps and episodes as quickly as time permits. Private Tutors so as to equip employees with proper ways of handling facilities and equipment. Learning manuals for facilities and equipment that require funding Attending funded workshops and Seminars Exchange programs that need funding 1 year Assessment Task 3 The Key Performance Indicators Increased level of worker delivery as per the standard of production (Van Holland et al. , 2015) Progressive rates of minimal job turnovers. Fewer numbers of seeking leaves. Targets Increased level of production by 50% and per annual To expand the nine service stations by six at the end of two years The Management Procedures for Workers Identify performance standards, including safety standards. All employees who do not meet expectations two months in a row have a documented performance improvement plan in place.

Such a move is expected to motivate the workers to be careful about the environment affecting their delivery of services.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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