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The paper 'New Age of Cause Marketing' is a great example of a Business Case Study. Social responsibility activities within the industrial investors globally have gained much influence and seem to control the way business is run on a daily basis. Currently it is one of the major contested topics among managers globally Bert (2008 pg 51). Many leading companies have moved from identifying Social Responsibility (SR) activities as philanthropic cause to making it one of the core pillars of their designed strategic decision-making process, and to much involved social responsibility work as their basis for a sustainable business explorer, on modalities of social responsibility working out a critical long term business lever for success.

Their trends reportedly indicating an increasingly integrated practice among the modern business a move that has seen the activities referred to as responsible sustainability Bert (2008 pg 53). The noble idea by the corporate investors is one design concept that is prone to evolve in regards to social, economical and the environmental concerns, as it is determined by values, the culture of the society, and operations in a transparent and accountable manner hence establishing better practices within the firm.

The CRS policies work as an integrated self-regulatory mechanism whereby businesses monitor and ensure the policy adheres to action through the spirit of the law, moral standards, and international norms. The objectives of CRS targets at embracing responsibilities for the firm’ s actions, the policies are put in place to encourage impacts as it influences activities on environment settings, consumers, employees, societies, stakeholder and all other members of the public globe (Sankar & Korschun, 2006 pg 23). According to reports by Beaudoin (2009 pg 31), , corporate social responsibility is designed to aid an organization’ s mission and play a roll in guiding on what the firm stands for and work towards upholding its consumer's increased demands on the business ethics.

Developing business ethics is one key issue of applied ethics that examines ethical principles with the aim of immediate eradication of the moral or ethical problems that may arise from the business environment. On the international scene ISO 26000 marks the recognition of the international standard for CRS. Their several contexts by the united state over corporate social responsiveness rather than corporate social responsibility, the implication of responsibility in the case is that process of purely assuming an obligation.

A study by Bert (2008 pg 56) reveals that the CRS elements emphasize on motivations rather than performance, but the claims are such motivation is not enough since responding to social demands much more than the firm's decision on what to be done thus remaining the management task on doing what one has to do which is asocial responsiveness. On the contrary, managers should practice the notion of social responsibility before working on other modalities that involve decisions on what to be done.

Once the act is initiated the firms’ management has no option but to respond, the social motivation immediately influences the mangers into social responsiveness. The other mode of approach achieved by CSR is to integrate the CSR strategy openly into the firm’ s business strategy. The CSR may be entrenched in the HR business development. The acts of social responsibility are practices done basically to influence societies positively in which the firm exists.

The main focus of CSR is on the ecological and financial achievement of the company. Like in India there is relevance social responsive acts increment that has been achieved as a result of business involvement. Many business practitioners here believes in the fact that business success is partly achieved through frequent participation in the human and social needs in the society it trades in.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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