Essays on Tasks Played By the Human Resource Assignment

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There are a number of tasks that the human resource plays in the organization. Some play the overall role while others play a particular role (such as recruitment or advising) in the organization. From the interview with the three employees, three tasks came up; (a) advice and counsel, (b) service, and (c) employee advocacy. From one of the respondents, for example, the human resource performed an advice and counsel role. Interaction with the Human Resource There are a number of ways that these employees interacted with the human resource. One of the respondents stated that he interacted with the human resource when seeking advice and counsel on legal matters pertaining to some of the clients.

The other two respondents stated that their interaction with the human resource was purely based on raising concerns and complaints. Perception of the Human Resource All the respondents had both positive and negative perceptions on human resource. They indicated that the human resource plays a critical role in directing the organization in the right way. Thus, the presence of the human resource was vital in the recent success of the organization.

However, the human resource had his shortcomings in regard to the services, he offered to these employees. For example, a respondent argued that his concerns were not taken care of, and he believes that the human resource is solely responsible for not raising the concern to the management. The Importance of the Function of Human Resource Management The function of the human resource management is important for the success of an organization. For instance, the human resource professionals play a crucial role in assisting the company to achieve its CSR (corporate social responsibility) objectives.

The involvement of an employee is a critical success element for CSR performance. In other words, the human resource managers have the appropriate tools and the opportunity to control the employee’s engagement in, commitment to, the company’s CSR strategy (Strandberg 2). Personal Interests about Human Resources As stated earlier, the position of the human resource in an organization is critical to its success. I have an interest in human resources, since I do not want to be part of the problem, but a part of the solution to the company’s problems and issues.

Roles such as employee advocacy and advice and counsel are my interests in regard to human resources. Human Resource Role I Can Perform Well and One, Which Can Be a Challenge The human resource role I can perform well is the administrative role, in particular, advice and counsel role. I want to serve as an in-house consultant to managers, executives, and supervisors, and assist them in making decisions in regard to the internal employment issues and awareness of the external trends.

The role that can be a challenge is the operational and employee advocacy role. This is because one cannot tackle all the employee’s concerns (both real and fake). Thus, he is accused of underperforming or giving a deaf ear to the employee’s concerns. Works Cited Strandberg, Coro. “The Role of Human Resource Management in Corporate Social Responsibility. ” CSR and HR Management Issue Brief and Roadmap (2009): 1-26. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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