Essays on Teaching and Training Employees on Customer Relationship Management Assignment

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The paper "Teaching and Training Employees on Customer Relationship Management" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. Business Objectives To lower our price from the current price of 32 GB at $599 and 64 GB at $699 which will increase our sales by 20% To increase our market share by at least 15% in the Publishing industry To make iPad a competitive device through increasing its features in order to compete effectively in the fast-changing publishing industry To lower the overall cost of production by at least 5% so we can increase the overall profitability To increase IT so as to increase our site navigation through curbing web attacks, security flaws as well as increasing the overall site security Marketing objectives To increase our brand awareness by 60% and this will increase our market share in the publishing industry and keep us ahead of our competitors To retain our old customers while attracting new customers by at least 5% To bring to our consumer a larger selection of our products by increasing our online library services by presenting more e-books as well as expanding the number of languages that can be used with the iPad To train our Human Resource on Customer Relationship Management so as to improve our customer To adopt new technology so as to improve our customer experience on our site Strategy The publishing industry in which Apple Inc.

is operating is a competitive one, therefore it is recommended for apple adopts porter’ s generic strategies to gain competitive advantages over its core competitors. According to Michael Porter, a company’ s strength can fall into two broad categories: differentiation and cost advantage. According to Brennan K, (2012) in adopting these strengths in either narrow or broad scope, 3 generic strategies result in focus, differentiation and cost leadership.

Through porter’ s generic strategies Apple’ s iPad can differentiate its self from other competitors’ products or compete on the bases of cost leadership. Ether, Apple Inc. can couple the generic strategy with a focus on a specific, the general market or a narrow customer base. It’ s also important to note that organizations can both develop a premium product and be extremely operationally efficient and by adopting the generic strategies Apple will be an excellent example. The diagram below shows porter’ s generic strategies (Brennan K, 2012). Target Scope Advantage Low Cost Broad(Industry-Wide) Cost leadership strategy DifferentiationStrategy Narrow(Market Segment) FocusStrategy(low cost) FocusStrategy(differentiation) The strategic option justification The generic strategy for Apple Inc and the iPad will entail 3 main strategies.

To beginning with, under the focus strategy, Apple should focus on 100% on innovation. It should embark on both companies as well as product innovation so as to continue improving the iPad and make it more appealing to the customers, extend the product range, reduce environmental damages, improve production processes and reduce labor costs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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