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The paper "Team and Leadership Behavior" is a great example of a management essay.   Organizational behavior is very essential in any organization as it enhances the application of knowledge on how individuals, people and groups act. Its main aim is to develop a better relationship in an organization through the achievement of organizational objectives, human objectives and social objectives. Organizational culture will determine the type of communication, leadership and group dynamics within any type of organization. Teams in any organization are very essential as they dictate the way people interact and influence others and their perception about themselves in terms of the social entity in the organization.

Teams are responsible for the achievement of shared goals that are linked to the objectives of the organization. Thus good leadership is required to ensure that people work together to effectively achieve the objectives of the organization. Your style of leadership, parenting and communication is influenced by your personality style. Behavior style and personality style can interfere with the way of understanding and communication in an organization (Kinicki, 2005). This essay examines the leadership and team behavior in a sales department in a company by addressing the interactions of various workers at different levels of management in the organization.

It studies the interpersonal behavior within workers in this company which is considered to be very important in the effectiveness of the company. The sales department in this company consists of the departmental manager, two customer service assistants, and a store supervisor. The manager is the top executive in this department and is responsible for the overall departmental organizing, staffing, planning, directing and controlling. He also ensures that the entire company’ s objectives are achieved in the department by communicating the company’ s vision to workers in the department.

The customer services assistants have a great role as they act as links between the customers and the company. They handle any complaints from the customers and assist the human resource manager in maintaining the image of the company.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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