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IntroductionA team is a collection of individuals who are co-dependent in their roles but share responsibility for results. They are usually viewed by others and even by themselves as an intact social entity set in one or more large social systems such as corporation or business unit. A team is usually capable of managing their relationships across the boundaries of an organization. It is worth noting that sometimes people working in teams lack sufficient cooperation and enthusiasm. This is likely to result to a negative impact of an organization and subsequently leading to poor performance (Heidi, 2010).

This essay will evaluate of how to train the teams by use of role-plays and business games. It will also emphasize on how to use human capital theory and human behavior modeling. It will also analyze on how to make teams effective and the various strategies to be employed. Teamwork is challenging and complex hence the need for participants training for the teams to work effectively together and become successful. Therefore, identification of factors and other variables for team building increase the ability of the team through sound leadership decisions (Lawler, 2003). Team Building In an organization gearing towards success, teamwork becomes a necessity and not an option.

Creation of great teams needs to be stimulated by thorough, goal-oriented interventions that encourage self-awareness. The effectiveness of a team depends on the members of team and their skills. There is need for a team to align its goals and objectives with that of the organization. The success of a team depends on team actions that are taken to accomplish goals of the organization (Prat, 2002). Teams should involve all members as well as encouraging them to communicate with major stakeholders outside the team.

Teams should assist in building their effectiveness through the members’ strengths while compensating for members weaknesses. Team morale is crucial towards efficiency and productivity of any team. Those responsible for sponsoring teams should provide training, location of flexibility, team empowerment, and team building towards ensuring the team success. It is through the teams that organizations create new knowledge for processes, services, and products used towards satisfaction of consumer expectations. Teamwork among people in all levels of an organization plays a key role towards the implementation of successful change initiatives that are necessary (Gordon, 2002).

Business Games and Role PlaysThere are several ways that are used in training and building effective teams; such include business games and role-plays (Gordon, 2002). Business games compel trainees collect information, evaluate it, and make decisions. Business games are used in team building mainly for management skill development. They aid in motivating learning as participants are actively involved and they mimic the business’ competitive nature. They are several types of decisions that participants make in business games.

They include all management practice aspects including marketing (price to charge new product), finance (financing buying of a new technology), and labor relations (agreement in contract negotiations). At Nynex Corporation, market share is used to ensure participants utilize strategic thinking including competitive analysis as a way of increasing market share (Andrew, 1998). Teams of two or three players compete towards gaining a market share. This is through determining where the team will allot its efforts and challenge the market share of the rivalry team.

Business games assist in offering team members a quick start towards developing an information framework and assist in development of cohesive teams. Games are meaningful training activities for some groups like senior executives as they are more realistic than presentation techniques such as classroom illustrations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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