Essays on Team Purpose Goals and Plans Coursework

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The paper "Team Purpose Goals and Plans" is a good example of management coursework.   This report is about the management of a disaster and entails working in a team. Our team is going to react to the flooding situation in Michigan. As the frontline manager, I will be responsible for the overall process and will develop my team accordingly through delegating duties to my subordinates. The office of the emergency department in Michigan operates on the mission of providing mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery from a natural and human-made disaster within Michigan (State, 2013).

Michigan acknowledges various preparedness partners, which help in providing help and security during disasters. Some of the partners responsible for preventing and helping to flood include the American Red Cross, Attorney General the lawyer of Michigan, Department of Community Health Michigan, Education department, Environmental Quality Department, Human Services, military and Veteran Affairs, and State Police. The departments provide quality information that helps in preparing for flooding possibilities and disasters like Tornados. When a flooding disaster strikes, the following features are at stake. Electricity supply is likely to be affected especially when poles and electrical supply lines are interrupted by strong winds.

For example, in June 27th 2013 100,000 homes and businesses were left without power. Roads become impassable for motorists and the rest of the road users due to flooding. Most of the households face risks especially when flooding water finds their ways to their houses. Learning becomes interrupted with flooding and most business activities are affected. Crops and plants in the field are not usually spared. In addition to this, domestic animals usually face a challenge. Most of the families end up lacking feature with challenges of disease outbreak due to flooding. Allocation of Individual Work My teams will be comprised of 5 departments which I shall delegate duties.

The goal of our team is to save Michigan City from the current flood that has swept the state in the last one week. I shall be working with the following heads of department; the mitigating officer who will be responsible for planning and research unit. Operations management department will be responsible for coordinating preparedness and response unit, the training and education department is also amongst one of the departments which will be coordinating public information, education and community outreach.

The corporate service department will be dealing with administrative and financial services. The last department is the project management department, which shall be coordinating the management of various projects as we continue with the rescue operations. Providing emergency responses is important but depends on the delivery of information. Before and during flooding, most households experience failure in communication which is important for the safety of the residents. One way in which Michigan emergency department uses to control and prevent damages is through providing education to schoolchildren.

Students are taught how to communicate and how to respond to emergencies. Different countries have different means of preparing for disasters like floods; the first step is usually done by the meteorological stations where they assess any potential threat in the climatic pattern of a region. When warned of potential flooding, the following precautions are taken: sandbags are filled to ward off floodwaters; evacuation of areas with potential destruction is done according to local emergency recommendations.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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