Essays on Techniques and Effective Marketing for Small Business and Its New Approach Research Proposal

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The paper "Techniques and Effective Marketing for Small Business and Its New Approach" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. The problems regarding small businesses are regarding the cost of health insurance, cost and availability of liability insurance, worker’ s compensation, cost of fuel, federal taxes and income, Property taxes, cash flow, state taxes and business income, unfavorable government regulations, and electricity costs are also included. These problems can be mitigated by the efficient marketing of the products and services of small businesses. (NFIB, 2004) As mentioned above marketing is the matter that determines the demand and that can mitigate the problems of any business.

This should match the product or the service. The techniques will be different for different products and depend on customer needs. The customer needs, at times, result in an increase in the cost of production, but keeping this in view these also increase the demand for the products and services of the business. The first thing to keep in view is that it is not an event but a process. The small businesses need plans in an ongoing process of marketing.

The process of marketing needs the plan of having concrete outlining that concentrates on achieving the targets. The research for marketing is needed as the marketing needs the best plan to ensure success and that is possible by continuously conducting research regarding it. The research regarding marketing minimizes the probability of failure of marketing plans. The research should target on decreasing the misunderstanding of the customers by marketing planners and should develop organized thinking regarding the execution of the plans. The research in marketing can give rise to analyzing tools for measuring the progress of the demand for the business due to marketing plans.

There will be business-specific problems and common problems. The two types of problems can be identified and classified by research on these processes as well as the marketing strategies. The techniques that overcome the shortage of funds in marketing and advertising are possible with the research in this area of business. (MSU Extension Department)Identification of ProblemsThe identification of the problems in the marketing will void complacency in the marketing plans of small businesses.

The research process in marketing has to devise the methods in marketing that avoid the marketing staff to stand still. However, relying on the same marketing techniques for a long time is a problem in marketing. The identification of the reason for this problem is important and this needs research. The main reason identified until now is that this is due to the lack of innovative ways in marketing and this can be mitigated by conducting extensive research in the marketing methods and strategies.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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