Essays on The Current Position of the McDonalds Case Study

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The paper 'The Current Position of the McDonalds" is a good example of a management case study. McDonald's is a world-famous food chain situated all over the world. It is based in the USA but working all over the world with 54 customers that are dealing with daily by its chains. It came into existence on May 15, 1940, and now the firm has 31,000 locations worldwide. The yearly revenue of the firm is 22.78 American dollars and has 465,000 employees working for the firm. The film production can be divided broadly into three main categories, the accessing of raw material, production of finished goods, packaging and distribution of the food and other materials.

Below the research is conducted showing the production process of McDonald's. Production management process of McDonald This assignment aims to discuss the production system of the McDonald's with respect to the latest techniques and technologies which are used by the firm in 2007. I have presented the type of process that is used in McDonald's and the planning function of the firm. Furthermore, different steps are shown that incur in the McDonald production system.

In line with this, the use of a quality management system is provided that is directly affecting the quality of McDonald's firms. Queuing process The McDonald is the queuing process of providing fast food in which a high volume of the same product is manufactured repeatedly. It differs from the other major manufacturing process. There is a narrow range of the same product is manufactured in which variety is achieved by assemble-to-order strategy. The production lots and the customer groups are handled in queuing in which the flow pattern is jumbled.

It is a linear process in which a high volume of the product is required with the standard product manufacturing. The vertical integration is high in McDonald's as three major activities are performed by it; gathering food and packaging, delivering to the customer and the treatment of customers. The major benefit of McDonald's is that it requires less resource flexibility. When the volume of food that is needed to prepare is high then there is no utilization of resources in an effective manner is required.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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