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The paper "Apple Mac Operation Management" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. It is very evident that in every organization management serves an essential element in ensuring better performance. Today, company management is no longer viewed in terms of an individual acting as an entrepreneur but an effort from the whole team. Companies today are been seen to compete in very different environments than in past years (Paterson & Sharp 2000). To survive such competition, organizations have developed the urge to focus on time-based competition, quality, efficiency, customer relationships, and international perspectives, advancement in technology, e-marketing, and global competition requires responsiveness and flexibility.

It is due to such responsiveness and flexibility that has created a new focus on operation management within business limelight since its function widely can be able in achieving competitiveness (Paterson & Sharp 2000). Paterson & Sharp (2000) asserts that, by way of considering various successful companies today such as Apple Mac. This company has been able to achieve its global status due to its designed strong focus on operation management. It is for this reason that this paper explaining various techniques and specific tools of operation management that have highly assisted this company to achieve their current success.

Understanding Apple Mac operation management will assist small businesses able to gain competitive advantage within the market. All companies have various operations. Operation management comprises of department managers and individuals that possess various technical competence (Paterson & Sharp 2000). This level defines here is widely oriented downwards towards basic operations such as production and distribution of goods. The driving force within operation management should be an overriding goal of continuous improvement of goods and services to customers.

Since in every element of function there is an operation, all departments within an organization are required to work together so as to improve their stipulated operation management elements.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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