Essays on Effects of Technology in Higher Education Essay

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The paper "Effects of Technology in Higher Education" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. Modern technology has a significant impact on higher education globally. Advancement in technology has boosted the overall operations of a higher learning institution. It has improved the students’ learning experience. In addition, it has increased the accessibility of the higher learning institutions through the creation of websites known to the public. The introduction of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and other online offerings has significantly benefited the operations, learning, and accessibility of the higher learning institutions (Forbes editors, 2012). Technology has enabled students to no longer to congest auditorium rooms for lectures.

Through leveraging online platforms, students can now pre-record lectures and assess lectures anytime, anywhere, and as many times as they want. The institutions are now operating easily since learning platforms provide faculty with learner analytics (Scott, 2005). The institution’ s faculty now has greater data on who is learning, what they are learning, and how they participate in the online lectures. MOOCs enable teaching part of a program online and the other part in person.

The online course provides flexibility to working professionals and adult students because they can access course material as their schedule permits (Lytras & Corti, 2012). The institutions are able to run several programs without inconveniencies. It is made possible because, through online learning, they can reach to their students both in Diaspora and on the campus. Integrated e-commerce in the college and university websites has enhanced accessibility to these institutions. Students can use the university website to contact and get news or updates. The online website also specifies the location of the higher learning institution, which enhances fast access.

Therefore, modern technology has developed higher institutions. It has enhanced easier access, improved learning among students. Finally, it has enhanced the operations of higher learning institutions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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