Essays on Unique Selling Points and Value Proposition Assignment

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The paper 'Unique Selling Points and Value Proposition' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The technology management degree at Bradford University is unique and different from that offered in other universities. Although the university offers other courses as well, the technology degree is strictly modified to meet the interests and ambitions of the student. The entry requirements are also unique for this degree. One is required to have a second-class Honors degree in a relevant field and possess English proficiency up to the IELTS level. Compared to the same degree in other universities, Bradford University is very comprehensive and detailed.

Some of the unique courses included in the degree include networks and protocols, security, privacy and data protection, and cryptography and network security. The course is relatively cheap considering the detailed nature of the degree. Local students are required to pay £ 4,160 while the international students are required to pay £ 11,500. The university offers a full-time study plan as well as the e-learning arrangement to ensure that it takes a leading position in terms of marketing the course. Target market and competitors The course targets holders of a second class honors degree from recognized institutions of learning.

It is mainly intended to equip the learners with Internet management skills so that they can become relevant in today’ s business world which has become Internet-Controlled. The course is open for both local and international students. The main competitors of Bradford University include Staffordshire University and the universities of Hertfordshire and Chichester as well as other universities in the world offering similar courses. All these universities offer general management courses that are not as specialized as the degree at Bradford University The detailed nature of Bradford University’ s courses places it higher than its competitors.

The ability of the university to offer distance learning services for the course ensures that the university maintains a lion share of the customers taking the course. Marketing mix Marketing has been made easier and faster with the use of internet technology. Marketing is simply the utilization of marketing mix to enhance the exchange of goods, services, and ideas. Marketing mix of the technology management degree at Bradford University has been influenced by the use of the Internet in marketing the degree course.

The marketing mix describes the basic, strategies of the marketing plan used by the university. This has greatly been influenced by Internet technology. Below is the marketing mix of the course. Product With the aid of internet technology, the determination of a product that will sell or fail to sell among the consumers has been made easier. Customers are able to check the details of the degree from the internet. Bradford University has made available all the details of the course on the Internet.

The customers will check the details from the Internet and the means of enrolling for the course. Pricing Pricing is a very important factor in marketing. The marketing strategy of Bradford University includes the specific and proper pricing of the degree course. The pricing of the course is reasonable and affordable so that it can attract the attention of potential customers from the target group.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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