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The paper "Technology Management at Apple" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Apple’ s branding has greatly influenced its success in the global market. The Apple brand has significantly improved its success in the global fronts such as Japan, China, South America and the U. S. The company has built a strong brand image through consistent designs. The real driver from the company’ s brand emanates from the perception that Apple’ s products are reliable, intuitive and robust. Other success factors include; Majoring on Developed Markets The U. S. market has traditionally been the company’ s stronghold.

In the second quarter of 2012, 33 % of Apple’ s revenue was collected from the US market, whereas 22 % originated from Europe. The focus on such markets whilst the introduction of the iPad and the iPhone offered a great purchasing power. Nevertheless, the long-term growth in consumer technology has been driven by the Asia Pacific market which generates about 26 % of Apple’ s revenue. Product Positioning Because many computer systems and affiliated products can be easily imitated, it is pertinent to finding strategies to extend the product’ s life cycle.

In this regard, Apple always reinvents its products, for instance, the App store complemented the iPhone that realized $ 1 billion in annual profits. Tentatively, the launch of iTunes stores increased the demand for iPod. Technology The company has followed a Schumpeterian model of creative destruction that has centered on the consumers in improving its existing products (Sigal, 2010). Evidently, Apple continuously rethinks its products line and inventing a new product that redefines the traditional market boundaries. Such innovation has enabled Apple to capitalize efficiently on the “ first mover” advantage that has resulted in the realization of high up-front profit margin and market share (Daft, 2011). In capitalizing the market, Apple built products that were unique, complete and essentially expensive than other products offered in the market.

A number of integrated devices were launched with the aim of provisioning a more polished experience for its consumers. The announcement of Macbook Air, as the world’ s thinnest laptop, made the customer value the computer’ s performance and were willing to pay a premium for the product. Subsequently, Microsoft lost a significant market share. While Apple centered on its end-users, Microsoft focused on OEM, IT buyers, retailers and users were typified by conflicting interests.

It furthered in focusing its interests on Enterprise buyers. The company’ s vertical integration resulted in the introduction of various devices that only vertically integrated companies could manage – the iPhone and the iPad. The devices offered breakthrough innovations which shifted customer’ s preference where the integrated products offered the best value proposition to the customers. The value proposition is significant in offering quality products, in order to satisfy the customers (Robbins, 2002). In maintaining the quality to its customers, the company initiated COMPASS (Charting Optimum Paths and Success Strategies) aimed at enhancing market entrants.   Steve Job’ s leadership was defined by different traits and personality which can be observed from the perspective of divergent models and theories.

It is well known that Steve was dictatorial, arrogant and mean-spirited, yet he proved to be a great leader. Steve Job’ s abrasive management approach and autocratic style resulted in his conflict with managers such as John Sculley. Autocratic style of leadership is simply a form of dictatorial worth methods, typified by a centralized decision-making process (Robbins, 2002).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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