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The paper "Becoming a Future Business Leader" is an outstanding example of an admission essay on business. Dear Sir/Madam,   With this letter, I would hereby like to express my interest in studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a master's student. I completed my high school in Nanjing, China with a major in humanity due to my interest in global history, Chinese and global politics, Marxism philosophy, socialistic economics, and geography. During my time in high school, I discovered my interests also lay in mathematics and statistics. After high school, I spent my summer holiday in Canada and Australia at summer camps and did part-time jobs.

My experience as a sales operator during the summer convinced me to pursue my education in the field of business and economics. I chose to move to the Netherlands to continue my studies at the Han Hogeschool, majoring in IBMS (International Business Management Study). This is my foundation year, and the course includes Statistics, accounting, logistic, marketing, Business project, and a second language as units. I chose my second language of study to be Spanish as I find the language to be globally popular as well as attractive. My choice of Spanish is also guided by my interest in volunteering in South America.

Due to the changes I have had, I firmly believe in giving back and would like to help disadvantaged children appreciate learning after completing my studies before embarking into the business world. I was actively involved in extra-curricular activities at high school, ranking highly in the school volleyball team. The team was placed second at school championships during my time there. I enjoy volleyball as it is a group sport, and teamwork is instrumental to a win.

I hope to be a valuable member of the team found at the University. I want to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison due to the outstanding educational system found in the United States and excellent facilities. The university has played a large role in my decision to pursue a graduate program in your institution. This is due to the student diversity available in the university as well as world-class facilities and programs. This world-class education offered by your institution goes hand in hand with my goals to be a high potential global citizen.                       I also enjoy the wide range of modules offered by the institution and compared to my current university, are better suited for my mode of learning.

The fact that the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a flexible study plan has also been attractive to me. By donating my time as a team member under your faculty professors, I seek to seize the research opportunity this represents as I interact with the staff and be fully involved in ongoing research work.

I am also looking forward to meeting and interacting with other students not only within the program I wish to undertake but within the whole University as I believe in having intelligent and informative discussions with my peers. From my research into the institution, I found that the university would provide a golden opportunity into becoming a future business leader not only in my home country but globally. I have spent a lot of time studying and reviewing in the library and thus promise to bring a lot of enthusiasm and hard work into the program if I would secure admission into your prestigious university. Looking forward to a positive response from you. Yours sincerely

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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