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Overview Engineering is a wide discipline that can be viewed from different perspectives such as a profession, an art or skills applied in acquiring mathematical, scientific, practical social and economical knowledge in order to build and design structures, devices, machines, materials, systems as well as processes (Billington, 2005). Engineering comprises many other sub disciplines with emphasis on different areas of technological applications such as; Civil engineering. This branch deals with aspects such as construction and design of private and public works such as railways, roads, airports, water treatment and supply dams, bridges and buildings. Chemical engineering deals with aspects such as the application of chemistry, physics, biology, and other principles of engineering in order to carry out commercial chemical processes. Electrical engineering deals with the study and design of electronic and electrical systems such as generators, electrical circuits, electromagnetic devices, optical fibres, (to mention a few) (Billington, 2005).

Mechanical engineering deals with aspects related to the design of mechanical and physical systems such as energy and power systems aircraft/aerospace products, compressors, kinematic chains (to mention a few). An engineer must have studied one of these branches as well as sub-disciplines in order to qualify as an engineer.

University of Glamorgan has track record of training more than 20,000 students in different branches of engineering since 1960s. However, economic and other major changes in demand for different careers in the world today calls for a clear and precise evaluation of the employability of the Glamorgan graduate engineers (Vincenti, 2003). Our purpose is to provide an overview of the skills required by welsh employers in the engineering sector. It also aims at gauging the level of employers’ satisfaction with University of Glamorgan Graduate Engineers.

Study Objectives The main objectives of this research include: To establish the skills required by Welsh employers in the engineering sector To gauge the level of employers’ satisfaction with Glamorgan Graduate Engineers PART A (A)Project Brief The intense competition and the changing demand for graduate engineers in the world today is an issue that needs serious consideration. Being a sought-after asset or employable as a graduate engineer is the key goal of students and lecturers in any learning institution (Billington, 2005). The theoretical aspect of a subject in engineering is one thing while the application of theory in the practical setting particularly commercial application is another thing.

In carrying out our investigation about the employability of Glamorgan Graduate Engineers, our company will investigate; Time schedule taken by the students on work placements- The purpose is to gather the practical skills required to be competent engineers in different fields. Hands-on –experience- Our Company will seek to explore how the mixture of e-learning, lectures, workshop training and practical laboratory at the University prepares the students for industrial placements.

Extent of research in different engineering fields- An evaluation of methods that students apply to gather raw and first hand information that makes them innovativeand up-to date with the changes that occur in modern industries (Billington, 2005). Research skills in above engineering fields are mostly applied and needed in different engineering application fields. Hence, competence in research in these areas adds to the advantages of a graduate engineer.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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