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The paper "Teragren Company Market Analysis" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Teragren Company, which is located in Washington at the heart of Bainbridge Island, is one of the developers and designers of bamboo building products. The company which was co-founded by David M. Knight in 1994 is committed to the furnishing of businesses and homes using bamboo products. The company is mainly specialised in bamboo panels, bamboo flooring, workshops and bamboo varnish (Beall, 2010, 14). Despite the specified areas of specialization, the company is still exploring the market to identify other opportunities where bamboo can be utilised.

Just like other companies in the globally competitive market. Teragren company is also on a mission of expanding the supply of quality bamboo products for the construction industry to ensure their success in the business. The company's definition of success is to provide quality products and exemplary customer care. The backbone of success is also driven by the company's desire to promote social responsibility and environmental sustainability while undertaking product production and business operations. Since the establishment of Teragren, the company has maintained a constant supply of bamboo products to replace timber products that have for a long time related to forest habitat destruction (Knox, 2008, 201). The company saw that the construction materials were becoming more scarce.

With the ever-increasing population, Teragren Company saw the need to come up with a renewable resource that would be viable for the construction industry. The idea gave birth to the establishment of the company to adopt the use of bamboo for construction as a strategy that endorse environmental sustainability specifications (Ibid, 281).

The company is also after the promotion of green construction of houses that involve the use of products that back negative environmental impacts. Contemporarily, Teragren is recognised as the leading developer of bamboo sticks that are environmentally friendly and are environmentally sustainable.



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