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Discussion: sources of theory Y
According to theory Y, employees become more productive when they exercise self-control and self-motivation. On the other hand, theory X states that employees should be properly supervised. This helps to prevent employees from using their positions to benefit themselves. Theory Y also states that work is as natural as playing. Employees have the ability to help in making problem-solving decisions, but the management under-uses their talent. Given the right, working conditions employees will develop self-direction and self-control. Theory y may be derived from many scientific sources which include:
The administrative theory of organization
According to this theory, authority and responsibility should be observed at all times. A member of an organization also has a responsibility to accomplish the organization’s objectives of his position. For this to be achieved, appropriate sanctions to encourage good performance should be put in place.
The Scientific theory of organization
Fredrick Taylor laid down this theory. According to this Taylor, there should be a piece rate system of compensation. This encourages employees to work harder. According to this system, the employee gets motivated according to his output. According to this theory, motivation can also be inform of financial incentives (Miller, p 25).
The Neo-classical theory
Elton mayo laid down this theory. According to Elton, organizations should have a democratic and participative style of supervision. There should be a good communication system whereby employees are allowed to air their views in decision making and also in the laying down of strategies.
Modern theories of organization
According to this theory, employees should be involved in decision making in the organization. There should also be a good communication channel in the organization
Bureaucracy theory
Max Weber laid down this theory. This theory insists that there should be rationality in an organizational set-up. A rational organization is one which is free from malice, favoritism and personal caprice. Individuals should not use the organization to benefit themselves (Ringer, p220).
Employees play a major role in the attainment of the organizations goals. Therefore, it is imperative to certify that they are well motivated in order to attain maximum productivity. Apart from maintaining good communication between the employees and the employers, there are other alternative ways of motivating them. An organization may choose to give come up with team building activities, bonuses or other financial incentives in order to ensure that the employees are motivated.
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