Analyze Common Characteristics Of Effective Institutions Of Learning – Term Paper Example

s of learning have to be effective in the service they provide to their therefore, it is common to find some common characteristics among effective institutions of learning. For an institution of learning to be considered effective, it must be able to achieve all its objectives, which are mainly centered on improving students’ literacy in the schools. According to DEECD (2011), the main objectives of effective institutions of learning are to pursue excellence and to achieve literacy-learning outcomes for their students.
According to DEECD (2011), the first characteristic of effective institutions of learning is having shared vision and goals, which ensure a unity of purpose in the provision of education to students. Having shared vision and goals also involves having consistent practices in schools. The second characteristic of effective institutions of learning has to do with purposeful teaching and leadership, where the school administration is expected to have efficient organization, clarity of purpose, well-planned lessons and adaptive practice. The third characteristic is the presence of high expectations for students and teachers, where the instructors take an active role in supporting the performance of their students in learning. The instructors are also expected to provide an intellectual challenge to their students. Accountability is also an important characteristic of effective institutions of learning, where the instructors are expected to have a focus on improving students’ results in learning, continually exploring students’ progress, and reviewing ways of improving the learning process. The last characteristic of effective institutions of learning is the availability of a stimulating and secure learning environment, which ensures that the self-esteem of the students is raised, and the discipline standards in the institution is kept high.
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