Is America Different – Term Paper Example

No: Is America different? Have we shown a pattern of economic and political development that sets apart from other countries? Explain.
America is really different as compared to other countries because of a number of reasons. Democratically and economically, America is different from all the other nations of the world.
Politically, the difference that is found in American nation is termed as American exceptionalism. America lacks the presence of a class based and ideology based political structure. The political parties that are existent in America are more concerned to the middle class than any other class. They show concern towards capitalism and business and promote them.
America has also gained a unique status historically as it has acquired wealth, power, position and dominance over time. The Americans believe in individualism and separate identity and also have a faith that America is among the most blessed states of this world. America is also termed less liberal as politically it emphasizes race, religion and money, which are less regarded by more liberal nations of the world.
Economically, America is different from other countries as it is the largest country in terms of economy. America has attracted immigrants from all over the world for its labor market due to which, it is a multicultural nation now. Economic freedom is given to private sector due to which, major decisions can be taken related to the production in America.
America as the largest economy and an exceptional state has gained status over time and much struggle can be noticed historically. It is different as economically and politically, it has developed more than any other country of the world.