Job Opportunity Vs School – Term Paper Example

Ethical Dilemma More often than not, we are faced with tough decisions that will impact on our lives no matter which of action we take. Handling ethical dilemmas is challenging especially when the ethical dilemma affects other people as well (Cohen, 2007). Recently, I faced an ethical dilemma whereby, I had to choose between quitting school despite staying for so long without proper education and accepting a job offer that did not consider my level of education. Additionally, I had to leave U.S at the same time to vising my ailing wife who had a miscarriage.
This scenario was a tough ethical dilemma because it was unethical for me to quit school despite the amount of money spent on school fees, travel, and residence expenses. Sadly, I was only two weeks to the end of the learning period. Wasting all that hard-earned money and valuable time was unethical. Additionally, giving up the rare learning opportunity especially when I needed the education to improve my bargaining edge in the working field was also unethical (International, 2005). Quitting my education and going back to Haiti meant that all the money that had been spent would certainly go to waste and lose the learning opportunity as well. However, on the other hand, my wife who had a miscarriage needed me the most at this crucial time. Leaving her alone to deal with the problem was also unethical since I am responsible, as a husband, to stand with her in times of difficulties (International, 2005). She needed moral and physical support, which I could only offer by going back home.
More importantly, I got a job offer that fit my present academic qualifications. Owing to the obligations of supporting my family especially having stayed for long without a job, I found it hard to resist the offer. Supporting my family is my first priority in life and a moral obligation too (Cohen, 2007). This added to the complexity of the dilemma since, the job was not well paying. Furthermore, if I happened to lose the job, then the same family I was trying to protect would suffer greatly. This scenario was a tough ethical dilemma since each course of action had ethical considerations.
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