Obesity – Term Paper Example

HPE14 Section Obesity Dr. Stephen Nathanson Obesity is such an epidemic which has engulfed the entire world for many decades. Obesity increases the chances of many medical problems such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis and even some types of cancer (Butcher, 2006). It has also been discovered that obesity is one of the major causes of death with an estimation of above 100,000 people dying every year due to this disease. These are not the only problems obesity can cause many other problem such as complication in pregnancy and delivery. However, health issues are not the only problems associated with obesity there are also certain economic side effects of it (Sandman, 2007). Different nutritionists and dieticians suggest a number of solutions and cures for this disease. However, there are a few major categories where the first one is in the form of dieting in which the aim is to cut down on consumption of fattening food.

Another popular technique is working out, which includes aerobics, yoga, gym, wait training and many others (Wright, 2004). Some people use the combination of these both with a proper weight loss plan, which is another technique. Also taking prescribed medication is essential to control obesity as medicines control appetite (Caprio, 2006). Also the surgical options have started to work more and more with the passage of time. Obesity is a disease that has no boundaries and is common amongst all age groups, gender and ethnic backgrounds. It is an epidemic that has spread all around the globe. Statistics show that 31% of Americans are considered obese with a BMI crossing 30 (Grossman, 2004).
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