Take The Initiative To Make Things Better – Term Paper Example

Running head: Take an initiative to make things better Take an initiative to make things better Take the initiative to make things better
Southwest Airlines has tried to not just build an empire but build a family in the process of building an empire. The core values i.e. Warrior spirit, servant’s heart and fun-loving attitude reflect this objective as well. The warrior’s spirit talks about the fighting spirit – this is the kind of person who never gives up or gives in and keeps on striving for perfection. One who has a fighting spirit tackles all kinds of adversity but never backs down. Then we come to the servant’s heart which has its base in making the customer happy. Those who act with modesty and look towards the wellbeing of others before their own fit into this category. The main idea is to perform in a way which is most satisfactory for the customer. The third and most important point is having a fun-loving attitude, one’s job shouldn’t all be about performance and rules but one must have fun doing that job as well (Jackson et al., 2008:558).
As an employee just by following these laws I can very easily not just make my job better but also produce a positive impact on the company itself. If you look at the core values you will see that following them will result in great things. For example if I have a warrior’s spirit I will never back down from a problem; the company will consists of individuals who are problem solvers and not one’s who accept defeat and back down. This is a great way to not just push the firm forward but also to squash the competition. By having a servant’s heart I am basically making sure that I am putting the customers first. The best advertising is one that comes through the word of mouth, if the customers leave happy they will not just keep coming back but will bring others back with them. Lastly, the best way to enhance your job performance is to love your job. People who are satisfied with their job will produce better work and hence the firm they work in will produce better services. At Southwest, because a fun-loving attitude is one core value which by ensuring the benefit and happiness of the employee ensures the benefit and success of the company as a whole.
Jackson, S.E, Randall, S.S., Werner S.(2008): Managing Human Resources: Cengage Learning