Essays on Terrorism And Globalisation Assignment

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References: 14IntroductionThe issue of terrorism and the principles of globalisation and anti-globalisation are greatly interconnected. The continuing advancement in technology has done much in facilitating globalisation and the world today is in fact a global village. As the world continues to become a globalised society, so has terrorism activities intensified across the globe. In fact, terrorism has become an important and complex issue facing most countries whether great or small and has almost replaced globalisation in world forum discussions. Following the September 11th 2001 bombings on the world trade centre and the London bombings later in 2005, nations have come up with many policies that militate against terrorism acts.

In addition, nations have enacted new laws such as the Terrorism act 2000 of the UK which has greatly affected implementation and delivery of public services (Notions of Security, 2007). As such, terrorism is a great talk in the world today and despite many conflicts and struggles arising from terrorism, governments across the globe continue to allocate huge billions towards the fight against terror. Similarly, the world has become more globalised today and is almost a global village.

Globalisation refers to the greater connectivity across the world where nations get free flow of people, goods, capital and ideas across boarders. This has been facilitated by the continuous advancement in technology which is gradually eliminating the physical boundaries that exist between nations. Although globalisation has had very many advantages, it can also be argued that it has facilitated terrorism. This is because terrorist networks are increasingly using the technological tools of globalisation to perpetuate their acts of terror beyond their countries’ boundaries. The rise of both globalisation and terrorism has greatly affected the role of public service especially as regards policing.

While terrorism has made provision of security more difficult, globalisation facilitates the police in the provision of security and hence fight against terror. The addition of the fight against terror as a new role of the police has in no doubt made them more accountable despite its being more challenging. This paper critically looks at terrorism and its impacts across the world and how it is related to and affected by globalisation.

In addition, the paper looks at how the role of the police has been affected by the rise of terrorism and globalisation. GlobalisationDefinition The world has been continuously advancing towards become a global village as the political boundaries that exist between nations continue to loose meaning. This has been referred to as globalisation. Albright, (2005) defines globalisation as the integration of economies markets, industries policy making and cultures across the world. He sees as the process through which national as well as regional economies, cultures and societies are integrated through the global network of communication, transportation, immigration and trade.

On the other hand, David, (2010) sees globalisation as the set of processes that transform the spatial organisation of social transactions and relations leading to intercontinental and interregional networks and flows of power, activity and interaction. As such, globalisation results in four types of changes which include stretching of political and social economic activities across boarders, increasing interconnectedness and trade flows, finance, migration, culture and investments, evolution of global communication and transportation systems hence increasing the velocity with which ideas, goods, people, capital and information diffuse around the globe as well as the continued blurring of the boundaries between global and domestic matters.

Jeffrey (2009) similarly defines globalisation as the process that enables financial and investment markets to operate globally due to deregulation and improvement in communication. Based on the above definitions we can refer to globalisation as the intensification, widening, speeding up as well as the growing impact of global interconnectedness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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