Essays on Dr Pepper and Seven-Up Company Inc, Cadbury Schweppes Group's Mission and Organizational Development Case Study

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The paper “ Dr. Pepper and Seven-Up Company Inc, Cadbury Schweppes Group’ s Mission and Organizational Development” is a thrilling variant of case study on management. Corporate mission in a succinct and elaborate manner can be defined as an organization’ s written major declaration which outlines the focal goal of the organization and how the organization shall achieve the set goals. Mission filters the relevant business ideas and suggestions from the irrelevant ones with respect to their importance and congruency with a business-main goal (Walker et al. 2017, p. 45). It clearly states the market to be served and how it shall be served.

Generally, the mission provides a conduit through which all business activities, as well as decisions, shall be constrained to. For instance, Dr. Pepper/ Seven-up Company Inc's mission states that the “ Dr pepper/ seven - up Company Inc is a British-based but internationally focused food and drink business operating mainly in the Impulse Purchase or Informal Consumption. ” The statement clearly elaborates on the commitment of the company in soft drink consolidation for the international market. It shows the company’ s go-getting nature. Q.2Cadbury Schweppes Group has undergone major changes and in 1984, the company settled on restructuring its production into Beverages and Confectionery.

In this strategy, the company resolved to produce foodstuffs separately from beverages which according to the company would boost production and increased market satisfaction. Initially, the company was primarily based in the UK. However, currently, Confectionery production is mainly done in Stani, the leading Confectionery Company in Argentina whereas much of beverage production is done in Camelot, UK (Rust 2015 p. 65). Despite the promise for overwhelmingly expanded production, such changes threaten sales of the company in different ways. Under the consumption of commodities- confectionery commodities are mostly highly perishable hence distributing them to the other global markets is met with challenges.

As such, sales shall consequently diminish. Increased Cost on production- The production sites are absolutely located in typical locations hence managing each independently might be met with high management costs which in turn shall reduce returns. Threat from a competitor- The Company is much likely to experience stiff competition from other senior competitors such as Nestle since it leaves a big gap in its major market.

For instance, Stani Company experiences stiff completion from Nestle which, unlike Cadbury Schweppes, provides the market with both confectionery and beverages products. Q.3Dr. Pepper is undeniably a rarely known brand unlike other brands of the Dr. Pepper Seven Up Company. It is served in only a miniature section of the market. To increase market coverage of the product, the company requires developing a planned change system aimed at substantially persuading the market towards product acceptance. In doing so, the company can apply the Five Stages of Organizational Development.

The company should begin by noticing the need for change by recognizing the small market served and aspiring for a larger market (Patel 2015, n. d). The company should then develop a mutual practitioner-client relationship by devising techniques that when put to use, shall realign clients’ interests in purchasing the product. Stage three is the diagnostic process where the change-seekers assess the relevance of the selected techniques and settle on the best ones. Stage four, action plans, strategies, and techniques analyze the selected techniques into finer details and direct the strategies to the practical clients (Voorhees 2013 p. 37).

The practitioner-client relationship development process should be continuously renewed to ensure that clients are always informed.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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