Essays on The Advances Of The World Wide Web Have Increased The Need For Systems Integration For Multiple Assignment

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External Factors: 6Back-end integration: 6Conclusion: 7Reference: 7Amazon. Com: System integration and settings, accessed on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 at http: //www. amazon. com/. 7Abstract: There have been many advances made in the technological sector which has lead to the advancement of the other industries that are dependent on it, either directly or indirectly. In the following paper we shall look at how two global organizations- Amazon. com and Aquarelle have made changes in their marketing strategy with the help of the IT sector. Introduction: The world today has experienced a number of advances in technology which has bought about great changes in the organisation and functioning of the economic and marketing structure.

There have developed more advanced methodologies of commerce and marketing of goods and services. (Georgia State University) There has emerged the concept of e-commerce, which is relies to a great extent on the World Wide Web. System integration has gained importance in this era, and it helps in the the bringing together of the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system. (System Integration). In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally.

In this paper we shall observe and analyse the usability of this newly emerged system from the view point of the consumers. There shall be analysed two companies or organizations and their sites and their e-business models. Customer Perspective: Usability Analysis: Usability is a very ambiguous concept and there are a number of definitions that are available online. (Usability Evaluation) There also exist a number of theories as to how and according to what factors can usability be measured. Some believe that it can be measured from the view point of the producers, and then the factors that are evaluated are cost of evaluation, appropriateness to project, time constraints, cost of implementation and the cost of training new users.

(Methods)In this paper we shall be studying and analysing the e-commerce of these two companies, Amazon and Aquarelle, from the view point of the consumers and the customers who access these sites. Amazon is company that markets all kinds of products, goods and services, from luxury items such as phones and sound systems to food items and candies. It has recently also started selling music online.

It is a global based organization and has a huge customer and market base. Aquarelle is a florist website in France, but it too has a more global outlook and functions in the international market in affiliation with other websites also. In this paper we analyse the two on the basis of the model that has been presented by Green, Peterson and Peterson, where the factors that we shall focus on are accessibility, navigation, personalization, customization and downloading. NavigationNavigation is perhaps the most important factor that concerns the customers when one is accessing a site, and it is important that the system that has been set up is able to meet the demands and requirements of the consumers and is easy to comprehend and use.

The navigation system that is employed by Amazon serves multipurpose and is very detailed. It has to be kept in mind that the company has a wide variety of products that it markets and it has to ensure that the details are available to all. Amazon thus has an elaborate navigation system that it displays on the left hand side of its page, and it is easy to comprehend and follow.

(Amazon. Com) Aquarelle on the other hand has a limited number of goods and services that it provides and it has a rather simpler navigation system that it displays on the left hand side, it is highly detailed and a little plain.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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