Essays on Business Internal Organizational Development Assignment

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The paper "Business Internal Organizational Development" is a brilliant example of an assignment on business. To begin with, this research proposal is desired to be a guide as to the implementation of a business venture by my business partners. It is going to lay a foundation on the basis upon which the proposed business is going to be considered. For this reason, therefore, this proposal is aimed at convincing my business partners about the viability of the business. For any business to be successful, a number of considerations have to be made based on the nature of the business, the location, and the targeted clients among others(Donaldson).

This proposal evaluates the viability and sustainability of a business to be considered by other colleagues at my workplace. Background This business proposal is discerned to be a venture through which to build and expand the capital base for my organization. Through this entrepreneurial venture, it will be possible for the company to make more profits. Of course, opening this business will mean a lot not only to the shareholders but also to the immediate community.

Firstly, opening this business means that the clients of our company will have access to a wider selection of goods and services. Over and above that, the clients will have a reason to believe in the future of the business in terms of better deals and quality services. At the same time, opening this business means that more employment opportunities will be created hence uplifting the economic situation of the people where this business will be located. Description of the Business The business will serve not only the local and immediate community but also people from other parts who for a reason or another will need to access the goods and services of this business.

In contemporary times, there is a growing need for businesses to be creative and dynamic as the preferences of the people are dynamic. This business responds to this glaring reality in a manner that measures up to the challenge. The fact that the business is dynamic and given that the business seeks to address the client’ s needs, it is believable that the business will thrive as profits are certain(Freed).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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