Essays on Methods of Recruitment at Dubai Metro Case Study

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The paper “ Methods of Recruitment at Dubai Metro” is a convincing example of the case study on human resources. With intense competition in the global market, organizations are obliged to embrace talent management in order to stay in business. Resourcing and talent management practices are valuable because they assist in incorporating fresh employees thereby ensuring they are productive people who can ultimately bring to the success of the business operations. The common adage that no resource is more important then people in the organization still holds true, particularly in the 21st century.

Basically, an organization cannot afford to disregard talent management if they wish to retain a competitive edge. Employees are regarded as the energy that keeps an entity running. Therefore, recruitment and selection of fresh manpower is part of the important decisions that a business entity can make. To make sure that the best employees are hired, an organization ought to embrace appropriate recruitment and selection strategy. Better recruitment and selection procedures would lead to improved optimal results in an organization. Effective recruitment and selection of candidates enable an organization to hire and retain a satisfied workforce.

The success of most business firms in today’ s world is associated with effective recruitment and selection strategies. Dubai Metro is one of the firms whose success is attributed to the best practices in hiring and retaining employees (Caplan, 2011). Since its inception, Dubai Metro has embraced appropriate recruitment and selection procedures due to its perceived importance. According to the company’ s management, best recruitment and selection practices enables an organization avert the negative effects of shortage of skilled employees. Additionally, the company believes that such practices help downsize costs thus leaving recruitment budgets smaller (Goldsmith & Carter, 2010). A Diagnostic Approach to Recruitment at Dubai MetroDubai Metro considers various factors in the environment which may influence recruitment and selection process.

Like most organizations, the recruitment process at Dubai Metro begins with an attempt to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes required and to match them with various business tasks and operations to be performed.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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