Essays on Nescafe Gold and Maccona New Inspirations Range Communication Objectives Case Study

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The paper "Nescafe Gold and Maccona New Inspirations Range Communication Objectives" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Critique elements of the communication piece for the two brands in terms of the communications objectives, creative strategies & tactics used as well as target customer and market partitioning/ competitive frame. 1.0 Communication objectives The main communication objective in the ads is set to create brand awareness. Communication objectives within the two brands Nescafe and Maccona are generally set to create consciousness, acquaintance and conception to the target market or audience. Young (2010) argues that the main communication objective in a new product such as “ Nescafe gold” and “ Maccona New inspirations Range” is to familiarize the clients with the product presence in the market. The specific objectives being sought by the communication of the existence of a product in the market is to create a positive brand attitude with the consumers that shall encourage them to use and buy much of the artifact.

The factors that the commercial revolves around are easy to influence a consumer to try the product. This means that the creation of an affirmative attitude is critically the main point revolving around the Nescafe Gold commercial and Maccona New Inspirations Range.

In addition, the advert objective does revolve around the shaping of attitudes of clients towards the brand and stimulate desire. This is because it seems that the Nescafe products have been in the targeted market but the “ Nescafe Gold” may or may not have bee there. The commercial tends to send the message that the specific products; Nescafe Gold and Maccona New Inspirations Range are available in the market and it is aimed at making sales.

The sought to be accomplished goal in the adverts was to communicate the availability of the particular brands of the two companies, familiarize the clients with the product and ensure that the brands do sell significantly. 2.0 Creative strategies and tactics used In both commercials, creative communication, marketing and adverting tactics are used. The strategy of defining the key target groupings and the identification of the relevant approaches towards effective delivery of the main message is practically employed. This strategy has enabled the delivering of the information and the time frame for the effective analysis of the commercials. The strategy of “ perception is reality” is creatively and tactically utilized in the commercials.

Both Maccona and Nescafe are struggling to make sure that they have their clients perceive what they are offering to the market positively. This is because what the clients distinguish about a brand, is what to them accord to reality. This makes the two organizations to reach out to the clients in a more logical approach. The most creative tactic used in the two commercials is advertising.

The companies, in this case, have chosen to go for “ Youtube” as the channel of communication through the internet. This is a specific tactic that the commercials have employed to reach out to the clients. Lastly, sales promotion is another tactic that the two commercials have adopted. For Maccona, more specifically, the commercial is out to advocate for more sales. The commercial where the lady makes returns to the shop to order for some more of the Maccona brand is designed for no other relevant reason other than bulk buying.

Bulk buying on the other handsets to ensure that the company makes significant sales of the particular product.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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