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The paper 'About Business Ethics' is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. An ethical dilemma is regarded as a circumstance that brings about a state of perplexity with regards to moral viewpoints on doing what is right (Kane, 2010). In the case of an ethical dilemma, obtaining any probable solution becomes ethically unbearable since the moral guidelines are clashing (Flamand, 1999). When ethical dilemmas occur, the unpredictability of the results of the choice taken makes it difficult for an individual to take any action that would bring out the best result.

Therefore, for a circumstance to be regarded as an ethical dilemma, the following conditions must be there: firstly, there has to be an individual who has to make a tough decision from the best possible choice. Secondly, there is an array of solutions to select from the case (Allen, 2013). Thirdly, there has to be a negotiation in the ethical values from whatever solution chosen. ARTICLE 1: BBC CHIEF RESIGNS OVER FALSE CHILD ABUSE REPORT In order to ascertain whether this article has an ethical dilemma, the difference between ethics, morals, laws, policies, and values has to be established (Allen, 2013).

Ethics in a business work can be viewed as the way in which beliefs are applied by organizations in the short term and long term decisions (Saez, 2013). On the other hand, morals in a business environment are viewed as the standards that are placed on a particular system of beliefs. These two definitions show how ethics and morals are entwined; however, for high professional standards and liability to be encouraged, then both morals and ethics within the business working environment should be held in high esteem.

In this respect, the article can be referred to as an ethical dilemma since it involves the BBC director-general George Entwistle choosing to resign thus ending his 23-year-old career as a producer and leader at the BBC (AFP, 2012). He said that the resignation was based on the fact that, since he was the director-general- who was also the editor in chief, he had to take the fall for being responsible for the content that was broadcasted on the Friday 2 November (BBC chief resigns over false child abuse report, 2012). The ethical dilemma brought out in this story is that, as the director-general, George Entwistle chose to resign despite the fact that he was not the one who did the investigations, rather the police gave a mistaken identification of the offender to the one investigating the report.

As a result of the Newsnight, the film was followed by lawsuits and he felt that the honorable thing to do was to resign (AFP, 2012). He added that the mistake was based on the huge trust that he had, which resulted in a bad predicament; hence, he resigned to avoid the tinting of the rest of the amazing work that the BBC network had done in the past.

He also said that he didn’ t want to see the public’ s confidence for BBC corporation ruined; since it still had staff that was full of integrity values and great talent. He also added that with the events that unfolded after the Newsnight film, he resolved that it was time BBC had a new leader who would effect new policies (Telegraph, 2012).



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