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The organization’s purposeMy organization is Teslacom, Teslacom works to provide customers with quality IT related products as well as IT services that may be needed. The organization is customer focused and driven by the urge to succeed in its endeavors. The organization has been in operation for the past decade and it has gained useful customer and industry experience over this period of time. The company has had many challenges in relation to doing business and especially leadership issues as a result of many business related and ethical dilemmas it has faces over the past years.

The vision of the company is to be one of the leading services and product providers in IT field, the mission is to integrate customer needs on its products and services. The company’s strategy is to develop its internal infrastructure and align them with the business needs that are constantly changing as a result of the ever increasing industry competition. The importance of having mission, vision and company’s strategy is to be able to judge the progress of the company over time. The mission and vision also describes what the company hopes to achieve and be in the near future.

It also enhances its brand to the customers. This is basically because the vision and the mission of the company are focused on its market and hence the need to integrate customers in its creation. In the modern day competitive environment, these aspects are growing in importance. This is because customers are also increasingly choosy and hence companies which are not customer focused are likely to face hardship when dealing with the market conditions. The company’s strategy is also an important ingredient for the company.

It shows the focus of the company by defining what the company needs to do in order to achieve its organizational goals and objectives. The vision, mission and the strategy of a company ought to be aligned as it focuses on the overall objectives of the company. In summary, the vision, mission and the organizational strategy gives an organization focus. My team role in the company deals with strategic management; this basically entails focusing on various aspects such as finance, marketing and procurement.

This role is essential for the company as it forms the basis in which the company can grow through future speculation and ways of increasing business in the future. It also enables the company achieve its vision and organizational goal. Strategic management links various departments within the company, in ensure that the finance department for instance I in line with the procurement and marketing department in terms of its plans and current roles. This is essential because strategic management provides a role through monitoring various imperative issues that directly relate to the performance of the organization as a whole.

Team purposeThe organizational vision, mission and strategy are the basis of the objectives for my team because of the following reasons. First, the vision gives the future desires of the company, what the company needs; the mission on the other hand describes the organizational purpose. The strategy provides a guideline or means by which the important organizational goals will be achieved; it is a road map to the desired destination. With this in mind, the framework for my team objectives is created from the vision, mission and the strategy of the organization.

Since my team is in strategic management, it focuses on how best the company can achieve its vision of being the leader in IT products and services. It also considers how it will be in a position to integrate customer needs to its products. Fundamentally, these are the core purpose of the company and hence its importance cannot be overemphasized. The vision, mission and the strategy provides the framework for objectives such as ways of taking advantage of the market gaps and exploiting it to the advantage of the company, ways of securing potential customers through a well structured customer relation framework.

Finally, the strategy which is the roadmap also emphasizes in the need to work as a team in order to achieve desired company goals.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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