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Essays on The Australian Ballet - Marketing Objectives for the Project, Target Market Segments, and Marketing Strategies Case Study

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The paper “ The Australian Ballet - Marketing Objectives for the Project, Target Market Segments, and Marketing Strategies” is an engrossing variant of case study on marketing. Goal statement: we would like to market the Australian ballet company to an extent that we will be viewed as one of the leading dance companies in Australia by both the artistic directors and the globe. In order to measure the attainment of our goal, Australian ballet and other prominent ballet companies in the country will be surveyed by the ballet company directors after which the company will be ranked amongst other companies based on the overall artistic superiority. MARKETING OBJECTIVES FOR THE PROJECTA.

Overall ObjectiveTo move ballet ahead to the international front and still continues to maintain its good reputation of producing some of the finest dancers in the world. B. Primary Objectives To strive for artistic excellence in Australia and other parts of the world. In particular, Europe, Asia, and the United States To provide an outstanding aesthetic experience To increase patron members and sponsorship C. Sub-objectives To increase Australian Ballet’ s capacity by attracting a larger number of dancers and audience To increase the acceptance of ballet dance as a performing art Honor the history of Australian ballet dance To honor ballet dance by preserving the reliable and the original choreography To present high quality and innovative dancing activities To provide the audience with the kind of experience in theatre in an environment where they can also enjoy professional dance To serve as the focal point for ballet dance TARGET MARKET SEGMENTSWe will be selling primarily to adults and young dancers but other groups of people will also be targeted e. g.

the children, teenagers and the elderly. We will be targeting our customers by; Focusing on the loyalty of the audience by ensuring that the young dancers who attend Australian ballet school receive excellent support in dancing Geographic areas of a target will be Australia and other regions of the world among them being; Asia, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and England The target of our sale will be people from all age groups and various nationalities Our target industry will be the entertainment industry MARKETING STRATEGIES According to Indexmundi. com, the population of Australia was about 21.6 million in July 2011.

Out of this population, about 18.3% were noted to be 14 years and below while those aged between 15 and 64 years were noted to form 67.7% of the total population and the rest (14%) were older than 65 years old. Considering the population of Australia alone, we are positive that we have a sufficient number of potential audiences. According to marketing theory, it is important to have the knowledge base about potential clients in order to take advantage of strengths and deal with weaknesses (Maclaran et al, 2009).

Our potential audiences can be classified into three main groups. Children and teenagers: this group of the potential audience will be composed of children under the age of eighteen. Our plan will be to offer them special ballet dances that would encourage them to join ballet school and eventually become part of the Australian ballet community. Young adults: this target group audience will be composed of college students and young adults. In regard to the census information of mid-2011, this groups forms a large percentage of the total population hence providing them with ballet dances that represent their age and exhibit modernity will help in attracting this group of audience to become part of the Australian ballet Adults: this potential audience group will be made up of adults over the age of 25.

Australian ballet is a tradition that has been part of the Australian people for a long time. This group of the audience will be attracted by the inclusion of traditional or classical ballet in our presentations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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