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The Beginning of Automobile Introduction It was with the beginning of 20th century there occurred a dynamic change in the transportation world of US with the invention of cars. Before, the mobility of the cars, the country was depended on the steam engines primarily and with the invention of cars, there happened a breakthrough in the transportation mode of the society. Although the concept of car existed even before 20th century, the man who brought forward cars to the outside world was Henry Ford. Ford is the one who initiated assembly line automobile manufacturing into American car production industry which brought about a boom in the American car production sector.

Also with this, car as a transportation mode became famous in the eyes of American public. As Henry Ford publicized automobile more, it gained much popularity throughout America and this also increased the productivity of the same. With the increase in automobile publicity, there occurred an economic revolution in States and also petrol stations mushroomed. With the same revolution, the road construction took place in America and many American men got jobs as automobile manufacturers and drivers.

In reality, it is not Henry Ford who invented car but he just launched a car which was affordable for common men which changed the face of transportation history of America. The Model T car was the master piece of Ford which common men could afford to own and for the very same reason car became the greatest mechanical discovery of human times. Ford and Automobile Ford established his own company which was called Ford Motor Company in 1903 which produced cheap cars that was reliable, convenient and affordable for common men in USA. The most popular automobile of American history was Model T which took five years to produce and it was a car which continued production till 20 years.

It took much effort for Ford to bring forth this car and it was worth the effort. Ford changed the way of life of American people with the launch of his line of cars. The advent of car by Ford brought about a sense of independence and freedom to American men. Model T by Ford was an innovation which set out a rage among public of America. Its easiness to operate, simplicity to maintain and low cost made it a big hit among Americans.

Because of the low cost factor, model T car sold fast in America and it raised the demand and usability of automobile among American crowd. Henry Ford’s intention was to serve to the transportation need of common men of America and he achieved the same with the invention of his car model Tin 1914, it was the effort of 13,000 workers which manufactured260, 720 cars.

This was possible only with the dynamic idea of assembly line production by Henry Ford. However, the reduction in cost for better sales damaged the sales of Model T car. 1920’s Car Revolution In 1920s the American market flooded with cars which downgraded the demand of model T Ford cars. Moreover, the economic downturn in 1920s slowed the demand for cars which distressed the automobile industry and this was partly due to the excessive supply of cars in the American market. Even though, there was a slowdown in demand for cars, the 1920 was a pivotal year for automobile for U. S car companies.

With the start of 1920s the U. S car makers were no longer experimenting with cars but were traditionally placing engine under the hood and same happened with steering wheels, combustion engines and cable brake systems. During this time of century, people have known about automobile and had seen it even though they did not own it. By the 1920, America culturally accepted automobile as a transportation machine and tried to change their living style to accommodate car in to their life. In 1920’s it is the Henry Ford’s mass car production by means of assembly line manufacturing method took automobile to new heights among American public.

In 1920s 98% of world’s car was being produced by America. Between 1920 and 1929 the production of car hiked to more than 5 million as people were getting accustomed to the usage of car. In 1920s, the automobile changed the value and demand of petroleum as it became the life blood of it. With the efficiency of petrol, car production and consumption grabbed a new niche in the American business world.

Apart from pioneers Ford, many manufacturers entered the market and presented unique models of cars to the Americans which catered to their personal and pleasure needs. General Motors’ car production Automobile invention was something which created a spark in the minds and souls of American people and the usability and advantage which it gave was dynamic. When the demand for automobile increased in 1920s, the General Motors took over car production in order to set a new name in the automobile industry. General Motors introduced Chevrolet, Opel, and Vauxhall as some diversified variety to the line of cars in order to attract customers and offer differential customer benefit to people.

It was in 1925 that, German Motors took over Vauxhall of England and later in 1920 acquired 80% share of Opel of Germany. The main motive of this car manufacturer was to offer automobile according to every man budget and purpose. This strategy changed the outlook of automobile and made it an essential object among American public. The vehicles launched by GM became more than a transportation mode and established itself as a symbol of prestige and aspiration.

The “Cadillac La Salle” introduced in 1927 created milestone with its sharp corners and a long stance and it changed the perception of car as just as a transportation medium. This Cadillac was a boxy car and was designed as a luxury car by Harley Earl and was a far away from standard Ford Model T car. This car made a beginning as a designer car in the automotive world and also captured the heart of people like no other car.

During this phase, GM opened many plants outside America in order to produce car with quality and minimum cost. Conclusion Cars have been an enormous invention which created a breakthrough among the people of America. Automobile not only catered to the transportation need of people but also gave them a luxurious and pleasurable thing to indulge in. Even though automobile was invented earlier in 19h century; it got recognized and entered the life of people in 1920s with the assistance of Henry Ford. Before him, common men were not much aware of car and more over could not afford it. Henry Ford made such a car, that was able to fit into the financial capacity of common men and also enabled them to experience the miracle of science and technology.

People were influenced by Model T car by the Ford Company due to its usability, affordability and maintaining quality. It was later that economic recession held back the demand of cars and its production in America. However, the car manufacturers did not step back from experimenting new types of car and designs. Shortly during the middle phase of 1920s General Motors introduced their line of cars called Chevrolet, Opel, Cadillac and Vauxhall.

With the launch of these cars, the people understood the luxurious quotient of automobile and this increased the value and dignity of cars among rich and famous of America. Gradually many cars which were flamboyant were released by German Motors which upgraded the status and demand of automobile in the eye of American citizens. Thus 1920s can be considered as a crucial period in automobile history, as it is the time when the car got an unforgettable place in the hearts and minds of people of America.

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