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IntroductionToday, societies are growing and developing at a high rate. There is diversification of resources left right and center. This makes the business world highly competitive for only the smart ones to survive. Consumers are then left to choose the best product and services from the competitive companies. For companies to fit in the competitive business world, they need to take note of the consumer’s behavior. The overall study of the demography of a place and the type of products and services required by the consumers is involved in the study of the consumer’s behavior.

Consumer behavior deals with the way individuals think in choosing the type of product or services that will satisfy their wants and the effect of such decisions to future purchases. In this case, we shall deal with two types of entities that consume: the personal consumer who deals with goods and services for his own consumption and the organizational consumer who deals with goods and services that are useful in running of their businesses. The two types of consumers have behaviors that are useful to companies’ decision making.

Globally, there is another form of international development known as the ‘traveller philanthropy’ which keeps on developing. To continue visiting places, travellers who are civil minded and travel businesses support the ‘traveller philanthropy’ through acts like providing resources of finance, their time and talent. The process where tourists or visitors provide money to be used in the conservation of the touring places is known as traveller philanthropy. This phenomenon gains from the process of giving and globalization is expected to develop greatly. Importance of consumer behaviors to travel companiesThe phenomenon initiative has great importance to the travel companies.

The foundation of the theory of marketing is the consumer’s satisfaction. The marketer has three aspects that are related of the consumer behavior analysis which comprises of consumer motivations, consumer typologies and purchasing process of the consumer. Tourists’behavior can be described through typologies of tourists. These are referred to as allocentrics or psychocentrics according to Plog (1974). Allocentric travellers are those that prefer destinations that are exotic and also contain vacations that are unstructured. On the other hand, psychocentrics prefer destinations that are familiar and also tours that are known to be packaged.

This theory has challenges in that; tourists always travel with motivations that are different with various occasions also. Several tourists may take allocentric destination during the break of winter and during summer vacation, they take psychocentric destination. Cohen’s typology (1972) came up with four different classifications of tourists. The first one was the mass tourist who is organized and purchases holidays that are packaged. The second was the mass tourist who is an individual that is autonomous and not specific.

The third classification is the explorer who tends to venture into new places albeit he would decide at times to go back to his accommodation that is comfortable among others. The fourth tourist is the drifter. He does not engage in ‘tourist establishment’. The business traveller behavior is quite different from that of the leisure travellers. According to some experts, business travellers do not view their tour as leisure but another source of stress (Cohen, 2000). Having no balance between work and home, the business travellers suffer from relationship problems between their spouses and children.

In another study, people whose spouses have frequent travel suffer from higher mental problems than those whose partners do not engage in these travels (Tong, 2002). Longer trips that are frequent have less impact than the shorter ones that it was recommended not to travel longer than 90 days in a year. The disadvantages of most travel companies is that they do not clearly have the perfect knowledge of what their customers would like but they follow the unclear pattern of the consumer behavior in the previous association so as to still fit in the competitive business world.

Tourism is an important need that needs to be satisfied in the best way possible. Factors that can affect travelling include the pull factor-determinants that affect your destination and push factors-the reasons that contribute to their wanting to travel (Dann, 1977). The travel companies should strive at giving their best to trigger the travelling of people.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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