Essays on Business Sustainability for Gorilla Health Bars Pty Ltd Case Study

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The paper "Business Sustainability for Gorilla Health Bars Pty Ltd" is a perfect example of a business case study. Corporate suitability includes business activities that help to improve the sustainability of any business. There are various strategies that can be employed by an organization to improve its competitive advantage. One of the strategies is corporate social responsibility. The aim of this report is to investigate the strategies employed by Guerilla health bars Pty Ltd as a way of being involved in corporate social responsibility (Lantos & Cooke 2003). This report will be limited to Guerilla health bars Pty Ltd and will only focus on the challenges facing the organization and provide appropriate recommendations to improve the business performance.

In addition, the report will only be limited to corporate social responsibility strategies that can be sustainable by the business. In this effect, this report aims to recommend the corporate social responsibilities which are sustainable for the business so that it can be able to compete effectively in the market. Background literature Corporate social responsibility activities help to create good working conditions between the organization and the stakeholders.

From the background information about Guerilla health bars Pty Ltd, it is evident that there are some improvements that can be applied to improve the competitive advantage of the organisation. The company has tried to implement strategies that have enabled it to start gaining some profit despite commencing just four years ago (Lantos & Cooke 2003). The companies which have sustainable business programs manage to implement strategies that are cost-effective but help to improve their reputation in the competitive business environment. The main stakeholders of the organisation who take part in the corporate social responsibilities include the employees, the community and the government agencies as well as the suppliers.

Despite these efforts that have been employed by the management of Guerilla health bars Pty Ltd, there are some strategies that can be employed to improve the performance of the organisation.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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