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The paper 'The Business to Open Restaurant' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The flop food restaurant is situated in Dubai emirates. The advantage of the location is that is within the central business district and with less competition about 50 miles far from each other which gives the business a strategic advantage that will attract more customers. The business will occupy 80 square meters of which ¾ is the banquet area while the ¼ is the storage area, backstage services as well as the cash teller desk.

The business intends to recruit 20 workers to the business of which five personnel are chef as well as 7 personnel are waiters while the remaining personnel is located in every cash points within the restaurant. The goals and objectives of the projectThe objective of the project is to evaluate the business viability of opening a restaurant in Dubai emirates. The name of the proposed restaurant will be flop limited which will majorly deal with fast food services (Brown 2003). The project appraisal will employ project management techniques as well as budgeting techniques in performing financial forecasting in order to come up with an investment decision of either investing in the project or not on the basis of the number of returns to be realized from the investment. Description of the projectCompany or organization description and the type of service they provideThe flop limitedFlop limited is a new business enterprise registered under the Dubai emirates corporation act with its head office situated in Melbourne.

The company aims at focusing on food services due to high demand in real estate accompanied by scarce corporations major in this sector. 1.1 Products/servicesFlop limited is a corporation that supplies a high-quality fast food product to its client.

The company does not have competitors within 50 miles of its business operation hence making the business the sole provider of fast food products within the surrounding (Bruns 2005). The following are fast food products to be offered at the op[eing of the restaurant with the intention of expanding the menu as the business grows in terms of profit margin and capital asset.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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