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 The Business World of the 21st Century The business world of the 21st century has become a complex environment that needs professionals with high levels of knowledge in order to compete in the job marketplace. My professional path has allowed to me gain a college education in graphic design and advertising. I have applied my education in the workplace in two settings. I work as a creative for a company that specialized in organization of events and worked as an account executive in an advertising agency. These two professional experiences have inspired me to further enhance my credentials and knowledge of the business world to purse a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

A higher level of expertise in business affairs can allow a person to become a problem solver capable of synthesizing vast amount of information to find solutions to business problems. This degree also opens opportunities to become an ideal candidate for managerial positions in the corporate world. I was very dedicated student in college and participated in different activities that allowed me to develop my creativity.

These educational experiences along with my work experience allowed me gain greater respect for the work of marketers. Marketing campaigns require creativity and technical business expertise in market research. The MBA program at California State University provides students the opportunity to enhance their analytical skills and vision so they can excel in the business world. In order to reach the types of jobs positions I aspired such as brand manager I have to undergo the proper managerial training. A lot people get a chance to achieve a bachelor degree such I have which is a tremendous accomplishment, but an advance degree makes a person part of a prestigious group of professionals.

According to the US Census Bureau 6.8% of the US population earns a master’s degree and their average salary of $74,600 is 45% higher than workers who hold a bachelor degree. Along with higher pay an MBA degree makes a person more marketable which increases the professional’s career options. For business students an advanced degree exposes a person to the international business world. My aspiration as a professional requires me to enhance my level of knowledge in business in order to reach the executive level in the marketing field.

My background in graphical design along with my creativity could be put to good use in the corporate world to develop marketing and advertising campaigns that stand out over the competition. I like working with other people in team settings. I know once I start graduate school I will learn a lot from both my professors and my student peers. A lot of learning takes place when students or people in the workplace are able to share their ideas and communicate with each other.

Keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important for marketers since they rely on the insight of others to determine the preferences of the customers. My top goal in life right now is starting my advanced business education at California State University, Los Angeles Campus.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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