Essays on Walker-v-Northumberland County Council - Stress Audits Case Study

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The paper 'Walker-v-Northumberland County Council - Stress Audits" is a good example of a management case study. CIPD, (2010) establishes that organizations in modern business and market environments have realized the great role the human resources services and they have deemed them the most valuable and reliable assets that an organization has. Therefore, organizations are finding it fundamental to ensure that the needs of their workforces are effectively and efficiently met in order to ensure quality in terms of performance from them. The workforce is exposed and vulnerable to varied factors and elements that may interfere and even impede their performance at work and reduce their ability to exploit their skills and potential maximally (Palmer & Strickland, 1996).

Among these factors are work-related stresses. Although stress means varied things for different people, assessing the risks of stress-related to work in the workplace environment is crucial since failure to efficiently mitigate these risks can result in not only reduced performance and productivity-related to absenteeism and poor work performance but also bad publicity and reputation and financial loss related to legal disputes (Donaldson-Feilder, et al. , 2011).

For this reason, auditing stress is a concept that seeks to help the organization or the employer to apply their duty of care in regards to the mental and physical well being of its workforce by fully analyzing and establishing if stress is a risk in the workplace, examining the risks of stress which employees in the workplace may encounter as part of occupational health and safety assessment and establishing preventive measures to ensure employees are safeguarded from stress and its side effects and are fully able to counter stress when it actually occurs (HSE, 2007).

More importantly, it can be used as a defense against court cases. This informs this report which discusses the main standpoints and arguments contained within the statement: Proof of actually having executed Stress Audits may be a significant factor in the organization’ s defense against litigation brought under the stress umbrella. The case of Walker-v-Northumberland County Council emphasizes the need for stress audits in the workplace.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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