Essays on THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS -The silient language in Overseas Btisiness Essay

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The Clash of Civilizations & the silent language in Overseas Business XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXDate: XXXXXXXXXXXXX The clash of civilizations In the coming years, conflicts in politics will involve cultural differences rather than tribalism and globalism. The diverse cultural difference and disagreements with regard to civilization will be the latest form of conflict among nations. Conflicts existed between kingdoms and monarchs, and conflicts between nations in French revolution then followed other ideologies such as communism, Nazism and democracy. The cold war brought conflict between two superpowers. Different countries have their own culture and style of civilization; therefore, the conflict around the world now engulfed around cultural difference among nations.

Civilization conflict expected to clash in the coming years. This is because civilization involves language, religion, way of life and culture in different nations. Religion is the most known form of conflict among nations. For instance, Islamic and Christianity have been in conflict for centuries. In additions, conflict also exists in between Hindus and Muslims in Asia. In addition, Jews are in conflict with Islamic nations. Nations with similar cultural civilization will form a pact to fight with nations of different cultural civilization, e.g.

Arab nations are known to support each other when attacked by western countries. The silent language in Overseas Business In the international business scene, Americans have a lot to learn in order to conduct business with ease. When a business meeting scheduled at a specific time the Americans, are known to be time observant. The Arabs do not like time limits, and when given a time limit they can refuse to undertake a business proposal. The language of space is another different issue and source of conflict.

The Americans consider having a spacious office space and the top executives made to occupy the uppermost space. When it comes to the language of things, Americans are materialistic. Other nations value other things that involve emotions and support. For instance, in the Arab world family and relatives considered valuable than money and material possessions. Americans known to make friends as fast they drop them. Friendships formed in schools considered to last more in America than any form of friendship. Conversely, India, friendships valued and friends are known not only to help in times of need but also to last a lifetime.

In America, signing of contract signifies completion of work whereas in Germany signing of the contract signifies beginning of the work. Therefore, for an American businessperson to conduct business internationally a business environment and culture of other countries ought to be learnt. Referencing Hall, E. 2009. The silent language in overseas business. Harvard business review notice of use restrictions. 87-99. Hungington, S. 1993. The clash of civilizations. Foreign affairs. 72(3), 22-28.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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